Meeting Minutes: July 23, 2016


August Project pictured above.  Kits will be available for $5.00.  Bring you mat, thread, needles, etc.

Beady Bunch meeting minutes 7/26/16

Treasury report was given by Lisa D. – some deposits coming in, retreat $$, expenses include deposit for retreat, charms, Amy K’s airfare, and deposit on Whitecliff Apartments.

State Fair deadline is August 10th, enter online

Bead Retreat – food sign up is going around, going to try and get extra room for Saturday, Laurie teaching clay techniques, come and play.

Amy Katz – November 12th and 13th, classes are 6 hrs 9 – 4, Cindy has kit list, will send email out to members, Kits are $120 from Amy. Lisa made a motion that we need to charge member something for the classes, it was seconded by Joni? All agreed.

Casting for Recovery – Linda Severin will be coming to meeting in August to meet the bracelet makers, #402-333-2966 as Joni will not be at the August meeting. Make sure you get the bracelets done by the meeting. We have been requested to do this on an annual basis, Chris made a motion that we do so, Joni seconded it.

Elections – nominations can be made in August and/or you can just volunteer. Need President and Vice President.

Class schedule changed – Emma can’t do September, Stephanie stepped in for August, she will bring kits for a bracelet, moving Diane to September as she wasn’t able to do her class in July as scheduled.

Random Creative Drawing – Kim won gift this month, will bring next month’s item

Show and Tell

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July Monthly Project Update

Update for July Meeting:

The June meeting notes indicate that Diane would be teaching copper beads at our July meeting.  We have had to make a change in plans due to her need to be out if town at the time of the meeting.

Instead, Sherri Walters will be teaching this “Stack a Rainbow” bracelet.


The UK celebrating a National Beading week and this pattern is being given away by Heather Kingsley-Heath, inventor of the Albion stitch for this event.

You can download the pattern from this site:

in case you are inable to download and/or print the pattern, here is a list of the supplies you will need:

# 15 seed beads (main color A)

#15 seed beads…silver (color B)

#11 seed beads main color (C)

#8 seed beads main color (D)

thread, Needle, clasp (omit clasp if you prefer a bangle)

See you there!






Meeting Minutes: June 28, 2016

Beady Bunch meeting minutes 6/28/16
We met at the Garden Café in Rockbrook, had a wonderful meal and a short meeting before socializing.
Lisa gave the treasury report. Made a better profit this year than previous year at the Bead Affair, food offered was a good idea and will be done again at next year’s Affair.
Sign up sheet for retreat was passed around. Only a few more spots are available.
Voting on Amy Katz’s classes in November was held and counted. Dates are November 12th and 13th. Save the dates on your calendar. Classes will be held at the Whitecliff Apartments clubhouse, 15202 Whitecliff Dr. (around 156th & Pacific)
Casting for Recovery is taking 2 groups of 14 breast cancer survivors for a fly fishing experience in September. Our group was asked to make bracelets for these women. Chris bought aquatic beads, she had sorted in little bags for each of us to take two bags to add to our bracelets. Joni added fish hook charms to each bag. Thank you both for your generosity to the rest of the group. Please use memory wire or elastic as we do not know what wrist sizes are needed. Need to be complete by Aug meeting.
UFO nights – 1st Thursday is at IBM in Rockbrook – 6-9 pm
2nd Thursday is at Papio Creek on 144th St (across the street from Oakview) 6-9 pm
Next Beady Bunch meeting July 26th, project is copper tube bead – taught by Diane

Minutes: February 23, 2016



Beady Bunch meeting minutes for 2/23/16

16 members attended​
Lisa gave the Treasury Report
A reminder was given that the Altoid challenge was due next month in March
Chris made a motion to have $10, $15 and $20 gift cards as prizes for the ‘Cover the tin” challenge. Joni seconded the motion. All agreed.
Bead Affair (April 16th & 17th) – request was made again for items that have been made by members for our member table at the affair. Also, a chicken coop is being made for all the chickens that are being made. All members are encouraged to make at least one chicken for our chicken coop. Any size.
Cindy has a list of 10 teachers for us to choose from for a future event, either Fall 2016 or Spring 2017
Lisa asked for volunteers for the Beady Bunch table as well as the entrance table and the raffle table. She sent around a signup sheet.
Some of the proceeds from Lynette’s seed bead table will be given to the Beady Bunch for helping. The Beady Bunch may have to man the table if Lynette can’t be there.
Barb visited the DO Space center. Said we can meet there for free. It is a large space but can only be reserved a month in advance. May try for June meeting as the church has to use our spot that month.
Bead Forward Project – squares were given to Char to mail, about 8.
Bead Creation Exchange – Diane won this month.
Show & Tell
Kim (from Bead Market) is doing next month’s project. You need super duos and O rings, Fireline. It is a 2 needle method.

October 27, 2015 Meeting Minutes


Beady Bunch meeting minutes 10/27/15
Voted on 2016 Bead Retreat. Decided on 9/16/15-/18/16. Lisa will put a deposit down at the Center.
Altoid Challenge – Lori wants to use at the Bead Affair. Lisa also suggested displaying finished projects from the 2015 Bead Retreat with Lisa Turnene.

Cost of church was discussed and it was voted that we give the church $20 a month for the use of our meeting room. Chris made the motion, Joni seconded it.
Lisa gave the treasury report.

Question was asked if our group would need to add to the seed money already given to the Bead Affair since the Lincoln group is not going to participate in 2016. We already have vendors and teachers set up. The deposit on the building has been paid. Publicity expenses are the next biggest expense and it looks like we will be ok. Profits will be divided in half in 2016.
There was an article about Edna Perkins in the 9/24/15 Living section of the Omaha World Herald.

Cindy to find a teacher for next fall. Let her know if there is anyone that you would like to come and teach.
Native American Craft show 12/5/15 at Westside Community Center.
Show and Tell


November project
1 tube Kheops beads
50 4mm rounds or fire polish
11 and 15 seed beads, similar or contrasting colors
2 split rings
2 size 8 beads in matching colors


submitted by Mary Wheeldon, Secretary

Meeting Minutes August 25, 2015

Beady Bunch meeting minutes 8/25/15
Bead retreat in 3 ½ weeks, all signed up, please sign up for meals.
Chris – Altoid challenge due in March
Kim and Samantha are new members, Bead Market employees
Open bead night at Bead Market the 1st Thursday of each month 6-9pm
Char talked about the Bead and Button National Bead it Forward fundraiser for cancer research. 2016 theme is Space related. 1 ½ “ square, put on a backing, due March 1st, bring to February meeting. See for rules.
UFO, Bead night could be a group project to put backings on as a group.
Show and Tell
Mary Wheeldon(me) won the prize this month, so will bring the next prize.

submitted by Mary Wheeldon, Secretary

Meeting Minutes July 28, 2015

Minutes for July 28, 2015 meeting.

There were 14 members who attended the meeting including Kim who is a new member to our group.

Lisa gave the treasurer report and advised us of the money set aside for the bead retreat.

If there is anyone who still wishes to spend the night for the bead retreat, a couple of rooms are being held at a nearby hotel.

New Business: We have a new challenge. It is to decorate the inside and outside of an Altoids can. You can get some ideas for your masterpiece from Pinterest. We have until the March meeting to complete the challenge.

Joan advised how to enter a beaded item at the Nebraska State Fair. You need to enter on-line by August 12. You goggle- Nebraska State Fair – Go to the link Get Involved – Competitive exhibits – Fine arts. The Beading is on page 10 & 11 for you to choose your category. Then choose the division you wish to enter. You can give your beaded item entry to Joan before Aug. 20th.

The International Bead Market will have an open bead night the 1st Thursday of each month from 6-9.

This will be our 10th year for the Edna Perkins Project. We would like to be able to donate 100 items for our 10th Anniversary.

Show and Tell.

Our project was a fun fabric/paper bead star ornament taught by Chris.

Next month’s project is a super duo bracelet.
Supply list:

58 SuperDuo 2-hole beads
15 2-hole tila beads
30 size 6 seed beads
3 grams of size 8 seed beads
2 grams of size 11 seed beads
2 2×2 tube crimp beads
4 feet of .014 thin original satin silver Soft Flex Wire
1 shank button 16mm (5/8″)
wire cutters

June 23, 2015 Meeting Minutes

Beady Bunch meeting minutes 6/23/15 13 members attending Treasury report by Lisa Bead Affair did very well this year. The goal of the Bead Affair is to earn money for the group. Bead Retreat is full 7 more spots for class 1 more spot for bed Have supply lists for those taking classes. Lisa is taking orders from FireMountain Gems and Fusion beads for supplies needed for classes, must have by Sunday 6/28. Flight information is to come yet. Sign up sheet for the retreat menus. Don’t forget snacks and beverages. Chris: Linette Nelson(Beads Etc. Linette) has agreed to be our seed bead dealer for next Bead Affair. Bead Market will have an open bead night, we decided the first Thursday of the month was good. Bead Market will order anything that we request. This month’s winner was Joni, she will supply next month’s prize. There was a motion to buy book for 2 hole beads, it was seconded. Next month’s project is Christmas in July. Chris is supplying the fabric/paper beads for star ornanments. Bring 24 guage wire, 3-4mm crystals (15-20), and size 6 or 8 seed beads, bugle beads (10), clear nail polish. Show and tell. Photos to follow.

Submitted by Mary Wheeldon, Secretary