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July Monthly Project Update

Update for July Meeting:

The June meeting notes indicate that Diane would be teaching copper beads at our July meeting.  We have had to make a change in plans due to her need to be out if town at the time of the meeting.

Instead, Sherri Walters will be teaching this “Stack a Rainbow” bracelet.


The UK celebrating a National Beading week and this pattern is being given away by Heather Kingsley-Heath, inventor of the Albion stitch for this event.

You can download the pattern from this site:

in case you are inable to download and/or print the pattern, here is a list of the supplies you will need:

# 15 seed beads (main color A)

#15 seed beads…silver (color B)

#11 seed beads main color (C)

#8 seed beads main color (D)

thread, Needle, clasp (omit clasp if you prefer a bangle)

See you there!






March 24, 2014 Meeting Minutes

March Project Presented by Lisa Dryden
Beady Bunch Minutes March 25th, 2014

The meeting was called to order with 15 members and 2 guests present. Welcome Stephanie and Diane. We were glad to have you with us.

Lisa gave the Treasurer's report and reminded everyone that 2014 dues are due now and are $20/year. Please bring or send your payment to Lisa soon or you will be removed from the roster.

Old Business:  April 12th is the Bead Bazaar. A report was given from the committee. Charlene will be doing a press release to promote the bazaar and Joan passed around a signup sheet for volunteers to help with set up, admission takers, etc. at the event.  If you are signed up to help at the Beady Bunch table, be sure to bring finished examples of past monthly projects to show participant. And, be sure to eat lunch at the event to help cover our percentage of the cost.

Edna Perkins project. Please remember to bring your finished contributions to the April meeting so that Joni can deliver them in May. If you have any extra organza bags that you would like to donate, bring them too. Joni can use them when the jewelry is distributed. 

Bead Retreat: To be held on Sept 19, 20, 21st, 2014 at the Creighton Retreat in Griswold, IA. The cost is $34/night for all nights and $39/night for one night. Reserve your spot soon by making payment to Lisa.

New Business: Chris mentioned that the Beady Bunch and Lampworkers Guild may hold a local bead bazaar in Sept. 2015, possibly a two day event to include finished jewelry and lampwork items. 

UFO night is April 10th 6:30-9:00. April’s project is X’s & O’s bracelet. Chris handed out the supply list.

Show and Tell was followed by a memory wire project taught by Lisa.

 Thanks Lisa for a quick and fun project!

Submitted by:
Denise Stahl, Secretary


Omaha Bead Bazaar: April12, 2014


Join members of the Omaha Beady Bunch and The Nebraska Bead Society for this annual event!


Omaha Bead Bazaar Showcases 18 Vendors from Across the Midwest


Omaha, NE – Omaha Bead Bazaar takes place on Saturday, April 12th, 2014 at the Westside Community Center, 3534 S. 108th Grover St, Omaha, NE.  Eighteen vendors from across the Midwest will be displaying their goods for purchase.  Products available include; handmade lampwork beads, art beads, rustic iron charms and pendants, gemstones, seed beads and many others.


56% of households participated in one or more type of crafting activities in 2012*.  Making your own jewelry is a rising trend.  The Omaha Bead Bazaar will have everything for a new crafter that is just learning and the experienced crafter that is looking for unique pieces and new ideas.


The Omaha Bead Bazaar is an annual event that started over 10 years ago.  It is put on by the Omaha Beady Bunch and Lampworkers Guild, both of which are subsidiaries of the Nebraska Beading Society.

Several of the vendors design and make their own products; including artistic glass lampworked beads and pendants, intricate wire wrapped pendants and rustic iron charms and pendants.  More than half of the vendors have a retail store in cities such as; Des Moines and Kansas City, and they bring a large sampling of their product to Omaha.  You will find gemstone beads, seed beads and many other unique and fun products to use in jewelry making or other similar crafts.


Omaha Bead Bazaar admission is $3.00 at the door.  A dollar off coupon is available at where you can also find a complete listing of the vendors that will be at the show.


*Source: More Americans Turn to Crafting. Gifts & Decorative Accessories.  Sandow Media LLC., 25 Jul. 2013

February, 2014 Project: “Diamond” Ring

Our February Project will be making a “diamond” ring…..named for its shape, not it’s gemstone.


February, 2014 Project by Joni Stinson

Supplies Needed

Delica seed beads size 11 (DB0035) in photo

Delica seed beads size 11 (accent shown in blue in photo but can be any color)

2 Miyuki Size 8 seed beads Size 8 (these are the top and bottom beads in the photo and are silver 0181)

1 4 mm Swarvski crystal bicone

Nymo B or D


These are ideal for birthstones:

These SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystal beads are organized by birthstone color. Whether you’re creating birthstone jewelry for a friend or making something for yourself, this section makes it easy.

This picture can be better viewed at this link:

Call me at 402-493-8065 if you have questions.


Proposed By-Law Revisions

At our June meeting, the Board presented proposed to changes to our organizations by-laws.  Copies were distributed to the members who were in attendance at the meeting for review.

If you have mis-placed your copy or if you were not present at the June meeting, a copy is being posted here for your convenience.  Please review and be ready to discuss, revise/amend, and or accept these changes prior to the July meeting.  A vote will be taken at the July meeting.


Please review and be prepared to discuss at our next meeting.

Meeting Minutes: February 26, 2013

Beady Bunch Minutes Feb 26, 2013

The meeting was called to order with 17 members present. Lisa gave the Treasurer’s report, and collected several unpaid dues and class fees for the upcoming workshop.

Discussion of the March 2nd Mary Goddard workshop. Details foregone as the workshop will be done before this posting.

Bead Bazaar will be held on April 13th. Joan passed around a sign-up sheet for volunteers to help at the event. Discussion was held regarding the admission fee. It was suggested that the fee be raised to $5 next year. Joan said she would take the suggestion to the committee. A reminder to eat lunch when you are at the bazaar to help cover the minimum cost of the catering fee. Joan will also forward a PDF flyer to the members so that they can post it to their facebook page to help get the word out. Lisa will post the event on Craig’s list. Discussion of other means of advertising.

Edna Perkins project donations are due at the April meeting, so get your items finished up and ready to go! Joni brought the supply of beads for everyone to choose from. Also, remember to take some beads and bring some beads to keep the stash going!

Chris brought up the idea for a summer bead retreat over a weekend, maybe at Mahoney. We could make it a potluck with wine to be included of course. The suggestion brought favorable responses, so details to follow.

Discussion of raising dues to $20 per year starting in 2014. Mary made the motion, Joni seconded, motion carried.

Discussion of having a bead embroidery “Name Tag” project as the June project. Beginning in September everyone will start wearing their name tag, and if they forget then they put a quarter in a pot. At the end of a specified time the funds will go toward a new book for the library. Everyone agreed that it was a good idea.

Julie reported on the Charlene from Lincoln class. Possible dates are Sept 7th or 14th. Most members thought the  7th would be the best option. The workshop will be the beaded doily or something cool from 5Z’s display at the Bead Bazaar. She will confirm date with Charlene.

Mary reported that she has started a membership book and passed around the rough draft for everyone to make correction or additions. She will pass it around again next month.

We had Show and Tell followed by a necklace project by Barb. Thanks Barb! Next month’s project will be paper bead earrings taught by Chris. Chris brought samples to show and she will bring the supplies to make them at the next meeting. Looks like a lot of fun!

Submitted by:
Denise Stahl, Secretary

Kits For Mary Goddard Workshop

Kits for both projects available at the workshop.

The Snowflake kits will be $10.00

The snow flake beads are all clear.


The dodecahedron kits will be $20.

The dodecahedron kits are all different. For example, three kits with heliotrope rivolis either the druk beads or the seed beads will be different. That way no one will have identical
beaded beads.

10 snowflake kits have been made and 20+ dodecahedron kits are
made up already.  Mary will also bringing completed snowflakes and
dodecahedron’s for people to look at as they work.

Thanks, Mary

Important Date Changes

Our illustrious President, Chris Johnson, has asked that you be alerted to some important date changes for our organization.

She spoke with Kathy, St. Andrews secretary, regarding our “bead gathering” voted in at our last meeting. Kathy indicated that we can start having a bead gathering on the 2nd Thursday of every month.

While having this conversation Chris learned that there is a need to change for our usual 4th Tuesday meeting in June. Our regular meeting will be on Thursday the 14th of June instead of Tuesday the 26th. The church is having a youth conference and will need all available rooms.

July 12th, Thursday, and July 24th, Tuesday are alright to hold our meetings/get together.

On August the 9th, (Thursday) the “Gathering” will be held upstairs in the church.

On August 28th, Tuesday is in the area we always have our meetings.

Mark your calendars. If you have questions, contact Chris.


New “Twin” Beads

New two-hole Twin seed beads

Preciosa Ornela presents the exclusive Czech two-hole Twin seed bead. Twin, a new seed bead from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads brand, offers much more creativity and possibilities.

The oval shape of the new two-hole seed bead has dimensions of 2.5 x 5 mm and it is available in two glass materials: crystal and black. The wide range of 80 currently available color finishes on the two-hole Twin beads will inspire you to make infinite color combinations like the ones which are already known from the existing seed bead color charts.

Twin Art No, Twin schema

July 2011 Project Update

Viking Knit Bracelet

Hello Everyone,

I messed up on the viking weave supply list. You need 10 yards of 24 gage (not 18 to 20 gage) for July and 12 to 20″ of 22 gage (not 24 gage) for August. I’m so sorry! Below is a corrected supply list.

Corrected Supply List:

Approximately 10 yards of 24 gage dead soft wire (Artistic Wire is recommended) or sterling silver wire

1/2″ wooden dowel


Nylon jaw pliers

For August:

2 -End Cones (sterling or plated, your choice)

1 – large focal bead of your choice

1 -Clasp of your choice

12 to 20″ – 22 gage craft or sterling wire (used to finish bracelet)

Submitted by

Julie Overby