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September 2009 Group Challenge

First Place Winner Pam Elledge
First Place Winner Pam Elledge

In July, Joan Duggan challenged the members of the Omaha Beady Group to produce an item at the September, 2009 meeting.  Joan, a multi-talented member of the group,  had hand dyed some fabric swatches  in a luscious array of colors.  She combined the selection of fabrics with packets of white drop beads.

She challenged the members to select one or more pieces of fabric and a packet of beads.  These were to be used in a creation of the member’s choice. 

Sue Harr offered gift certificates for her bead store as prizes for the challenge. 

The entries were amazing as demonstrated in the following photos.

You have to agree that the members rose to Joan’s challenge and created some remarkable items.  Hats Off to all who entered!

Thank You Joan!

First Place Prize Winning Piece by Judy Citta
First Place Prize Winning Piece by Judy Citta
Thank you Joan for the Challenge!  Joan Dugan very graciously donated the perforated disks, pins and earrings, in many sizes to all members at our February meeting.  Her challenge was for everyone to design a finished piece using their bead artistic talent and choice of bead embellishments.

At our March meeting, Joan collected the completed jewelry designs and they were each assigned a number. All members present voted and Judy won first place.

Second Place Prize Winner:  Pam Elledge
Second Place Prize Winner: Pam Elledge


Pam won second place and Chris won third place. Joan then presented each winner with a large bag of assorted beads from her “personal stash”. 
Third Place Prize Winner:  Chris Johnson
Third Place Prize Winner: Chris Johnson

Other entries are presented here:














Thanks to Joan and her challenge, fun was had by all participants and we got to view beautiful and diverse finished works of jewelry art.  

A thank you goes out to Joan for her brilliant idea and donation of her “personal stash” of beads.   To say the least, Joan was extremely generous in the gifts she presented.  She made this project very unique and special to all of us.

Photographs and Article Submitted by Beady Bunch Member: Judy Citta

Are You Up For A Challenge?

At our February 24, 2009 meeting, member Joan Duggan provided our monthly project.  She had previously notified us of the supplies we needed to bring to the meeting.  The list included size 11 seed beads, size 15 beads and/or other small beads as well as our “usual” beading kit.

When Joan arrived, she was toting a box of interesting “findings”.  She placed them on an empty table and invited us to dig in.   Here is a sample of the offering:

Donated by Joan Duggan For The Challenge
Donated by Joan Duggan For The Challenge

There were perforated disks in multiple sizes, pin backs in two sizes, a variety of earring finishing plates including posts and clip-ons and earring “nuts”. 

Now putting any kind of beading materials before this group is like tossing bread in a Koi pond!   Everyone scurried up to the table to fish through the supplies.

Once everyone had their “catch of the day”, the secret came out! 

Joan “challenged” us to create something special from the bait we took from her stash and bring it to the March meeting on March 24, 2009.  The items will be “juried” and prizes will be awarded.    The prizes will be donated by Joan. 

Joan related that her personal bead stash is greater than she will ever be able to bead in  her lifetime.   She will hand select items from her stash for the prizes.

So, are you up to the challenge?  If so, get out the findings you selected and get busy with your project.  I have one in mind.  It will be interesting to see if it is possible to translate it into a finished piece.   

If you missed the meeting and would like to participate, you can either purchase similar findings or drop me a e-mail.  I’ll share. 

Thanks Joan.  I can hardly wait to see the different interpretations in the use  of these findings!