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October 27, 2015 Meeting Minutes


Beady Bunch meeting minutes 10/27/15
Voted on 2016 Bead Retreat. Decided on 9/16/15-/18/16. Lisa will put a deposit down at the Center.
Altoid Challenge – Lori wants to use at the Bead Affair. Lisa also suggested displaying finished projects from the 2015 Bead Retreat with Lisa Turnene.

Cost of church was discussed and it was voted that we give the church $20 a month for the use of our meeting room. Chris made the motion, Joni seconded it.
Lisa gave the treasury report.

Question was asked if our group would need to add to the seed money already given to the Bead Affair since the Lincoln group is not going to participate in 2016. We already have vendors and teachers set up. The deposit on the building has been paid. Publicity expenses are the next biggest expense and it looks like we will be ok. Profits will be divided in half in 2016.
There was an article about Edna Perkins in the 9/24/15 Living section of the Omaha World Herald.

Cindy to find a teacher for next fall. Let her know if there is anyone that you would like to come and teach.
Native American Craft show 12/5/15 at Westside Community Center.
Show and Tell


November project
1 tube Kheops beads
50 4mm rounds or fire polish
11 and 15 seed beads, similar or contrasting colors
2 split rings
2 size 8 beads in matching colors


submitted by Mary Wheeldon, Secretary

March 24, 2014 Meeting Minutes

March Project Presented by Lisa Dryden
Beady Bunch Minutes March 25th, 2014

The meeting was called to order with 15 members and 2 guests present. Welcome Stephanie and Diane. We were glad to have you with us.

Lisa gave the Treasurer's report and reminded everyone that 2014 dues are due now and are $20/year. Please bring or send your payment to Lisa soon or you will be removed from the roster.

Old Business:  April 12th is the Bead Bazaar. A report was given from the committee. Charlene will be doing a press release to promote the bazaar and Joan passed around a signup sheet for volunteers to help with set up, admission takers, etc. at the event.  If you are signed up to help at the Beady Bunch table, be sure to bring finished examples of past monthly projects to show participant. And, be sure to eat lunch at the event to help cover our percentage of the cost.

Edna Perkins project. Please remember to bring your finished contributions to the April meeting so that Joni can deliver them in May. If you have any extra organza bags that you would like to donate, bring them too. Joni can use them when the jewelry is distributed. 

Bead Retreat: To be held on Sept 19, 20, 21st, 2014 at the Creighton Retreat in Griswold, IA. The cost is $34/night for all nights and $39/night for one night. Reserve your spot soon by making payment to Lisa.

New Business: Chris mentioned that the Beady Bunch and Lampworkers Guild may hold a local bead bazaar in Sept. 2015, possibly a two day event to include finished jewelry and lampwork items. 

UFO night is April 10th 6:30-9:00. April’s project is X’s & O’s bracelet. Chris handed out the supply list.

Show and Tell was followed by a memory wire project taught by Lisa.

 Thanks Lisa for a quick and fun project!

Submitted by:
Denise Stahl, Secretary


Meeting Minutes: June 25, 2013

The meeting was called to order with 13 members present. 
Old Business: The officers met earlier this month and discussed proposed revisions to the bylaws. Mary explained some of their thoughts and why the bylaws should be revised. Members were each given a copy and we will discuss and vote on the changes at the July meeting. 
We did a new drawing from a list of those members who taught a project in 2012. The winner was Joan. She received a $25 gift card to Beadsetc. Thank you to all of you who offered your time and talents to teach a project. 
The Charlene from 5z’s workshop will be held on Saturday Sept. 7th from 1:00-5:00. The cost is $25 per student plus a small fee (approx $20) for the beads. The beads are to be purchased from Charlene. 
Mary explained the Chis/Mary challenge for any members who missed it at the May meeting. Mary has provided the beads and Chris will provide the prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. The finished projects will be due at the September meeting and will be judged by the members present at that meeting. 
Discussion of the newly formed Bead Bazaar committee. Charlene P. will head the committee and volunteers are Mary H, Lisa D, and Joan D will act as an adviser. Charlene noted that she will set up a meeting for the committee and contact someone from the Lincoln group with the 
hope of coordinating efforts.
Reminder, that there will be no UFO night in July.
New Business:
Chris opened a discussion of a possible bead retreat in the fall. Mary presented 2 ideas and sent around a signup sheet to get a general consensus. Possibilities are a one day retreat or a weekend. A few locations were discussed. Mary will do some research and report later.
Show and Tell was held followed by a beaded name tag project by Mary. The finished name tags are due at the September meeting. If you don’t wear your name tag at a meeting, you will be assessed a fine of a quarter which will go to the treasury. The July project will be a continuation of the Name Tag Project.

(Note: Please correct your project list. The July Ring project that was to be presented by Joni Stinson was post-poned to February, 2014.)
Submitted by:
Denise Stahl, Secretary


Minutes of Meeting May 28, 2013

Beady Bunch Meeting Minutes May 28th, 2013

The meeting was called to order with 15 members present.

Lisa gave the Treasurer’s report.


Chris announced that the July UFO night will be canceled due to the church needing the space for another event.

New Business:

Membership Booklets:

Mary Hunter passed out the Membership booklets & Bylaws and reported that the Bylaws are quite outdated and need to be revised. Joni made a motion that the officers review and revise them and report the changes to the members. It was seconded and the vote passed.

September Workshop

Julie Overby reported that Charlene from Lincoln would like the doily class on Sept 7th to start a 1 pm and said that it will likely last for 4 hours. The class fee will be $25 not including beads. The fee is non refundable. Julie passed around a signup sheet for the class.

June Project and Supplies Needed:

Mary Hunter explained the June/July beaded nametag project.

The first night will be spent designing your nametag.

Please bring: paper, pencil, ruler, eraser & tape. She will provide graph paper for peyote and brick stitch.

If you choose to do bead embroidery, you will need to bring Stiff Stuff or heavy felt.

The finished project will be due in September when all members will be required to wear them or put a quarter in the treasury fund.


Mary Hunter presented the Chris & Mary Challenge. Mary will provide the bead packs and Chris will provide the prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. You pick a bag of beads and can do any type of beaded project using all of the beads. You can add more of your own if you wish. The finished projects will be due at the September meeting or you will owe $5 to the treasury if you don’t complete it.

Show and Tell was followed by a short earwire class by Charlene P and a Twin bead bracelet by Charlene W. Both were interesting and fun. Thanks gals!

Submitted by: Denise Stahl, Secretary

Kits For Mary Goddard Workshop

Kits for both projects available at the workshop.

The Snowflake kits will be $10.00

The snow flake beads are all clear.


The dodecahedron kits will be $20.

The dodecahedron kits are all different. For example, three kits with heliotrope rivolis either the druk beads or the seed beads will be different. That way no one will have identical
beaded beads.

10 snowflake kits have been made and 20+ dodecahedron kits are
made up already.  Mary will also bringing completed snowflakes and
dodecahedron’s for people to look at as they work.

Thanks, Mary

Meeting Minutes For November 27, 2012

Bunch Meeting Minutes November 27th, 2012
> The meeting was called to order with 17 members present. Lisa gave the
> Treasurer’s report. Christy made a motion to give the church custodian a
> monetary gift for Christmas. Seconded by Barb and the motion carried.
> Election of officers was held. The 2013 officers will be as follows:
> President Chris Johnson, Vice President Mary Hunter, Treasurer Lisa Dryden,
> Secretary Denise Stahl, the Librarians  will  be Cheri and Cindy, and Joni
> Stinson will remain as the web person with Mary Hunter as a back up.
> Discussion of workshops for 2013 was held. Potential projects, fees and
> dates were presented by Joan. Christy made the motion that we have Mary
> Goddard on March 2nd. Mary seconded it and the motion carried. Gail will
> check to make sure that the church is available for that date. We started a
> signup sheet for those who want to take the classes. The final fee will be
> determined by how many people take the classes.
> Since we don’t have a meeting in December, we decided to not have the UFO
> night either.
> Denise reminded the group that in April we voted to get a gift certificate
> at bead’s etc to be used in a drawing for all of those who taught a monthly
> project in 2012. We will have the drawing at the January party/meeting.
> Lisa will buy the certificate. Don’t forget to bring a snack to share in
> January.
> We had Show and Tell followed by a very fun and quick snowman earring
> project led by Eileen. Thanks Eileen!
> Submitted by:
> Denise Stahl, Secretary*

Meeting Minutes: August 28, 2012

Charlene's Work

The Beady Bunch Meeting Minutes August 28, 2012
The meeting was called to order.
Lisa gave the Treasurer’s report.
September 13th will be the get together to work on unfinished projects.  6:30 to 9:00 pm
September 25th will be the meeting and project.  Gail’s project is a mystery project.  The project will need 1 tube of seed beads no bigger than size 6.  Size 11 or 8’s work best.  And wire no thinner than 26.  The best size would be 22 or 24.  Wire cutters will be needed.
Joan has talked to Mary Goddard who would be interested in having a workshop in the Spring for us.  No project has been decided yet, but it would be a Saturday workshop with one project in the morning and another in the afternoon.  An example for the projects would be a beaded bead and a sphere.
Mary will have UFO beading sessions at her house Thursday September 6th and 20th, from 10:00 am until 3:00 pm.  Bring your project, lunch and drinks.  The UFO sessions will be the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the Month.  She would like a 24 hour notice so she can have tables set up to accommodate those attending.  RSVP (817) 937-9891.
We had Show and Tell and Charlene taught Bead Crochet.
Thanks Charlene!

Meeting Minutes January 24, 2012

Edna Perkins Project 2011

Beady Bunch Minutes January 24, 2012

The meeting was called to order with 9 members and 3 guests present.

We welcomed Amy Goodwin, Sheri Walters and Cindy Smith.

Treasures Report:  Chris gave the Treasurer’s report in Lisa’s absence.

Old business:

Bead Bazaar:

The Omaha Bead Bazaar will be held on April 14th at the Westside Community Center on 108th and Grover. Joan Duggan started a sign up sheet for volunteers to help out at the bazaar.

April Workshop

Chris gave an update on the Melanie Potter workshops and trunk show that will be held on April 28th and 29th. All classes are full and we have started a waiting list in case someone who is signed up would not be able to attend. Kit prices are $65 for Petalicious and $85 for the Floral Motif and can be ordered online at

Judy Citta is communicating with Melanie Potter about further details on the workshops.

The board members decided that due to financial concerns the club will not be providing lunch for attendees at the workshops.

Future Workshops:  Long Term Planning

Until we are able to build up our treasury again, we will try to bring in local artisans to teach classes for the club.


There was discussion of holding a bead swap or silent auction as a fundraiser. We all probably need to clean out our bead stash and pass them on to someone else who will love them. It was decided to hold the discussion until we have more members present.

The Bead-It-Forward Project:

If any of you have started blocks for this breast cancer awareness project, please send them to Denise Stahl before February 10th so that she can get them sent in for the March 1st deadline. Guidelines for this project can be found on the Bead and Button website. Email Denise for her mailing address and to let her know that you are sending blocks.

2012 Dues

2012 dues are due this month, so please get them turned in to Lisa Dryden soon.

Edna Perkins Project.

Chris reminded us to be working on projects for the Edna Perkins project and to be ready to bring them to the April meeting. Joni will present them in May to the recipient. If you have unwanted beads that you would like to donate to this project, please bring them to the February meeting. We would like to keep this project going strong.

Future Monthly Projects:

Gail volunteered to teach a project in September. We still need projects for August and November so be thinking of something fun that you would like to share with the group. Julie will be teaching the Chevron stitch in February and the supply list has been posted on our website.

The meeting was adjourned followed by Show and Tell and snacks for all to share.

WE all had great fun getting to know our three new members.

Thanks to Linette for sending them our way!

Our thoughts go out to Joni who is recuperating from an auto accident. Get well soon! We miss you!

Submitted by: Denise Stahl, Secretary