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This is the recipe Kim Neumann brought one night that everyone LOVED so much


I’m going to “add-lib” a bit as we have made this several times and each time we use different fruit.


Cover the bottom of a 9X13 with blueberries (fresh or frozen)

Sprinkle ½  C. sugar over blueberries

Add 1 lg. can crushed pineapple (only use ½ the juice – drink the rest – its YUMMY) over the sugar

1 pkg cake mix (white/yellow – whatever flavor you want) – sprinkle JUST the dry cake mix over your fruit

Melt 1 stick of margarine and drizzle over the top

½ C. chopped pecans over the top (we have used almonds also used walnuts – walnuts stayed real nice and crunchy)


Bake for ½ hr. at 350 degrees



We have tried it with rhubarb, raspberries   just about whatever fruit(s) you want I think would be great



Beads In Poetry!


Beads are miraculous. Simply divine!
They mellow with age…like women and wine.
You can wear them, compare them, and simply declare them to be admonishously yours.
You can glue them, and sew them, string them, and hang them — anyway you can make them secure.
You can trade them, wrap them, physically trap them, snap them up quickly at sales.
They make wonderful gifts for the folks on your lists; whether bought or creatively yours.
It is best not to lose them, crush or abuse them, for beads have a soul and a heart.
And, as all beaders know, wherever they go, themselves and their beads seldom part.
Copyright 1985 by Pamela Pillsbury-Coca



“My Wife the Beadweaver”

My wife has found an art, she truly does enjoy,
It’s called Beadweaving and it really can annoy.
With all these beads and threads all over the place,
I know she is “addicted,” I can see it on her face.
She’s really dedicated to it, even making beads of clay,
Wow! Now she wants to go on a bead buying holiday.

Oh! for all her artistic effort, she’s certainly underpaid,
She even hoards her money, for beads that are custom-made.

All her other crafts, are carefully packed away elsewhere,
Now there’s a sign on the studio door, “Beadweaver at Work, BEWARE”.

She “beadweaves” with migraines and PMS, I know that she’s not able,
She keeps “beadweaving” with her head upon the table!

This month she’s designing a new pattern, much to her delight,
Now she planing another creation, until she gets it right.

The addiction to this art can be a distraction.
Since my wife can beadweave, I don’t get much action!

Here’s to her tedious undertaking and this art called “Beadweaving,”
I’d be happy if we could be alone, just once again this evening.