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Frito Snack From Pam’s Kitchen

Frito Snack:
1 C. Sugar
1C. White Karo syrup
1C. Peanut Butter.
 Bag of Frito (14 1/2 oz)
Spray Pam (the kind in the can, not the recipe donor) on cookie sheet.
Spread bag of  Frito’s on the sheet
In a bowl add the sugar, syrup,and
Peanut butter. Mix it together.
Put it either on the stove or in the micro-
Wave and make a Carmel looking syrup.
Pour on Frito’s
I used the microwave. It only took a
Couple of minutes.

February Project

February 2009 project
Fringed pin and earrings
Teacher: Joan Duggan
Normal beading kit.
Beads for fringe- seed beads, 11’s and 15’s
Or delicas beads for the ends of fringe,
If desired- drops, stones chips, larger beads
(include some small ones so the earrings won’t be too heavy)

The meeting will be the 4th Tuesday in February.

Minutes for January, 2009 Meeting

Beady Bunch Minutes

January 27, 2009

Vice President Gail May conducted the meeting.

Members voted on Virginia Wood for our 2009 president. Congratulations to Virginia on her new president job.

Virginia asked Gail to tell the members to be thinking about future workshops. She would like to hire a national teacher. Members were interested in possibly Pamela Welbourn. Gail will look into that and report back to us next month. If anyone has ideas for a workshop project, let us know.

The Bead Bazaar is coming up. April 4th will be the date. Think about what you can do to help your club at this event. Barb Dewell told us the woman she had been trying to get bead kits from for Christmas trees and snow men, is coming to the Bead Bazaar. She might be a workshop hopeful.

Pam reported on the web site in the absence of Joni. Everyone is very impressed with the work Joni has done on the site. Thank you, Joni !! From now on the minutes from the meetings and any news about the club will be posted on the site. Members can go to the site and get all information, at any time.

Treasurer Christy McAndrews asked about giving to the church where we have meetings. Barb Dewell made a motion to give $60 now, and $60 in June as a donation. The motion was seconded by Pam Elledge, and carried.

Joan Duggan will teach the project in February. In her absents she sent a list of supplies for each member. Also passed around were the findings she will supply for us. You can find a list of the project supplies on the web site.

Members will ask Joni Stinson to demo a weaving loom at the March meeting. Joni was not in attendance to answer if she could do the project.

Gail had an idea for making cords out of foam braiding discs.

We need volunteers to do future projects. If you can teach a class it let us know.

Dues are past due. Please send a check to Christy McAndrews-802 Douglas Dr- Bellevue Ne- 68123. We need to update the roster so please send in your dues as soon as possible


New President Nomination

Lisa Dryden's Garden Bracelet

Just a quick post to let everyone know that Virginia Wood has been nominated as our President for the coming year.  A vote will be taken at our January meeting to make this official. 

Thank you Virginia!

The bracelet shown above was done by our out-going President Lisa Dryden.  Thank you Lisa, for all you did for our group during your years as an office holder in the Omaha Beady Bunch.  

Cheers for all of our in-coming officers for a successful 2009!

November 2008 Minutes


November 26, 2008


Cassie Dryden was a visitor this meeting.

Old Business:

Barb Dewell has been trying to get in contact with web sites about crystal snowmen and tree earrings. She did find the Tacky Boxes, and if you would like her to order you one they cost $8.00 plus tax. Let Barb know.

Gail May found the Beady Bunch Banner. She will keep it for future use


New Business:

Election was held, and here are the results:


Vice President: Gail May

Secretary:  Pam Elledge

Treasurer: Christy McAndrews

Joni Stinson will be our Web master

Barb Dewell will be our librarian


There is no meeting in December

January: Bring a treat to share and an unfinished project to work on. Planning for next year will be discussed.

February: Joan Duggan will let us know what the project will be.

Dues will be owed at the January meeting. They are $18.00 for the year. If you cannot attend the meeting, drop a check in the mail to our treasurer.

Christy McAndrews

802 Douglas Dr.

Bellevue NE 68123


October 2008 Minutes

Our Secretary was unable to attend the meeting due to a family illness.  Judy Citta graciously voluntered to take notes and prepare the minutes.  They are as follows:

At last month’s meeting it was decided Judy would be availble for answers to any and problems anyone might have from last
months screen pendant project and we will be making a colored ring Christmas  Project, a Tree Pendant.  
 Barb and I have decided the price for the kit will be $3.50.  Please have correct change.  I will make a few extra kits as some of you had asked to buy more to quickly make up for Christmas Present gifts.  Please e-mail me by Monday pm if you did not sign up for the project at the meeting and
would like to be included.
The kit will include nicer rings than there was in the example I made and a colored picture of project for each purchased kit to follow for
completing pendant.
You will need two pairs of plyers that will not scratch the rings.  In other words, the plyers will have to be coated with rubber, covered with heavy tape(not Scotch tape) or any other way you you can think of such as plastic guarded plyers, etc. so as to not scratch or nick your rings.