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Meeting Minutes: February 24, 2009

Edna Perkin's Project Close Up


February 24, 2009

President Virginia Wood called the meeting to order at 7:00p.m. She showed us a raw mined garnet. She also welcomed our vendors.

Treasurer Report: Christy reported on all the credits and debits the past month. She also reported the balance of the account. As this document is published online the amount will not be printed. If members want to know the amount they can contact either Pam or Christy.

Upcoming shows:

Ring & Things:  March 23rd, at the Holiday Inn Central. Time is 1p.m. To 5p.m.

Lincoln Show:  March 21 & 22, 2009. If you want more information you can call Joan Duggan.

Omaha Bead Bazaar: Saturday April 4th at Westside Community Center. Time 9a.m. To 4p.m.

Joan asked for volunteers to work the event. This is our bead club’s main money maker, so please support the event. Joan passed around discount tickets. Members were asked to distribute to businesses. 

K.C. Bead Blast: May 2nd & 3rd. It will be at the Kansas City Marker Center Atrium. Times: Saturday 9 a.m. To 6 p.m., Sunday 9a.m. To 5 p. M. See Gail May.

Edna Perkins Project: Joni reported that we will be making jewelry for this event on Mother’s Day.  A full description of the project is on the links of the web site. Joni has a few beads to distribute at the March meeting. We will turn in our works at the April 28th meeting.

Joan Duggan brought perforated disks for us to bead at the meeting. She is making it a contest for next month. Joni will post information on web site with all the information.

We had a discussion about hiring a national teacher for a workshop in the future. Gail has contacted Pam Welbourn, and will continue to stay in touch. Joan told us about Diane Fitzgerald. We will continue to keep looking for a teacher.

Bead books were passed around for members to consider buying. Christ Johnson made a motion to purchase the books, seconded by Lisa Dryden. Motion carried. Barb will get the books for the club.

Joni reported on the web site. She is doing a great job of keeping up the site. It is easy to get to and members can go their whenever they want for information. Joni did say we were having a few problems with Russian people abusing our site by leaving inappropriate links.  She is merely sending them to spam.

Both Gail and Lisa brought their friendship rope makers to show the club for future projects

Next month Joni will demo how to use a Loom.  Please bring a loom to the meeting if you have one.

We will be meeting upstairs again next month.

Show and tell had many beautiful projects. Joni took pictures to post on the site.

Respectably submitted,

Pam Elledge, Secretary   



Show And Tell: February 24, 2009


The following items were presented by club members during the Show and Tell portion of our February meeting.  One can easily see the diversity of style exhibited by the artists!

Lisa Dryden's Chiluly Style Glass Necklace

This beautiful “Chiluly” style glass necklace was shown by Lisa Dryden.   We can always count on Lisa to do the dramatic and unusual! 

Marilyn Peterson's Chain Maille Christmas Tree

This Chain Maille Christmas Tree was done by Marilyn Peterson.  This was our club project in November.  The class was presented by member, Judy Citta.  Judy, bless her heart, made all of the jumprings and allowed us to purchase the findings as a “kit”.   Thanks Judy for this fun project and GOOD JOB Marilyn!

Christine Johnson's Peyote Bead Bracelet in Pastels

Christine Johnson’s Pretty Pastel Peyote Bead Bracelet.  Chris related that her bracelet was inspired by a similar one in a fairly recent issue of Bead and Button Magazine.   I think Baskin and Robbins could use this as a flavor chart for their sherbets.  Very nice Chris!

Gail May's Crystal Earrings and Bracelet Set 

Gail May’s Swaroski Crystal Bracelet and Earring Set.  Gail, this set is beautiful but it is more pink than purple!  What a surprise.  Those of us who know Gail, know that purple is her favorite color!  Gail May's Beaded Bead

This is a beautiful Beaded Bead done by Gail May.  This was a club project in the summer of 2008.  The class was presented by members, Pam Elledge and Lisa Dryden.  The bead has a beaded peyote base and accented with seed beads and gem stone chips.  Gorgeous Gail!

Joni Stinson's Gold and Black Native Style Earrings

Joni Stinson's Silver Fox Earrings

Joni Stinson's Butterfly Earrings

These three pairs of earrings were done by Joni Stinson.  The gold and black pair and the butterflies were done in two drop brick stitch.  The Silver Fox were done in traditional brick stitch. 

Joni Stinson's Black Red White Abstract Cuff

This Black Red and White Abstract Cuff is an original design by Joni Stinson using the software BeadTool3.  Joni threw out her graph paper and colored pencils and joined the 21st century!  This bracelet is done in Delica beads in even count peyote stitch.


Cabachons From France

Annual dues for Beady Bunch members are past due.  It is important that you pay your dues as quickly as possible.  Our secretary would like to up-date the organization roster and she is waiting until dues are paid to create the listing. 

The dues are $18.00 for the year.  If you haven’t paid, would you please take a few minutes and write out a check payable to the Omaha Beady Bunch.  Mail it to our treasurer:

Christy McAndrews

802 Douglas Drive

 Bellevue,  NE  68123

Thanks for your attending to this matter.

Change In February Meeting Location


I just received an e-mail from our wonderful secretary , Pam.  She had a call today from Judy Johnson about our meeting Feb. 24th. The church will be having a pancake breakfast in the basement. We will meet on the first floor. The pancake breakfast is open to the public if anyone wants to go. Judy said it will be from 5:00 to 7:00.

Happy Valentine’s Day and we look forward to seeing everyone on February 24th!