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Loom Information

Alder Loom 10" X 16"At our last meeting, I brought along a loom that was given to me by a friend.  I thought she had purchased it from E-bay but I was incorrect.  She informed me of the site on-line where she purchased it and  our member Julie  Overbey also found the site and e-mailed me the link.    Thanks Julie!

The model that I brought to the meeting is the one shown above.  It is 10″ X 16″.   I can’t think of a need that I would have for a larger one.   Those are primarily used by those who bead large tapestries.  But, I do have a husband who can make one any size I need (or think I need). 

Should you want to check out their other items, the link for the site is:

I also noticed a neat bead storage unit on this site that I am considering.

If this post gets buried before you have a chance to check the site, it will also be linked on the right side of the front page.  See “Joni’s Loom”.

Happy Looming!  Joni Stinson

March 24,2009 Meeting Minutes

Custom Piece For Lincoln Client


March 24, 2009

President opened the meeting. We had two visitors. Julie McVeigh and Denise Stahl were welcomed. Hope to see them back again.

Treasurer Report was presented by Christy. The balance is available to members upon request to Christy.

Old Business:

Joan reminded us about the Bead Bazaar April 4th.

She sent a sign- up sheet the last meeting. If you didn’t sign up and want to work, see Joan at the bazaar.

Barb Dewell bought five new books for our library. She invited members to check them out.

Joni Stinson reported on the” Edna Perkins Project.” She brought beads and finding for members to start making jewelry for the women at the Catholic Charities Shelter. Gail May also brought some beads. Members are asked to bring their jewelry to the April meeting. Joni will get them to the charities for Mothers day.

Joan passed around pictures of different designs from Diane Fitzgerald to consider for a workshop. We will decide next month on what the workshop will be.

Lisa and Julie would like to do a class similar to Joan’s challenge. They will buy a focal bead for each member and let each person do whatever they want with it. Then the next month we can all show the pieces we did. Chris made a motion for the club to buy every member a focal bead, seconded by Christy. Motion carried.

Gail will do the April project. It is called Kumihimo.  You will need yarn and a disc. Judy brought yarn that can be purchased or ordered tonight. Gail will sell the disc at next meeting ($1.50)

Show and Tell: Julie finished her beaded collar. She has been working on it for months. It is a beautiful piece! Julie, Lisa, Joni, Gail, and Chris brought many other pieces to show us.

Judy brought a funny calendar to show members.

Joan judged the contest. First place went to Judy Citta, second placed to Pam Elledge, and third to Chris Johnson. Congrats to all members who took part in the disc contest. All the jewelry was beautiful. Thanks to Joan for the wonderful idea, work, and prizes.

Joni Stinson did a presentation on bead looming. We all learned something. Thanks Joni.

Respectably submitted,

Pam Elledge, secretary



March 24, 2009 Meeting

Our March 24 meeting should be a good one!  We have a busy agenda and you won’t want to miss it.

The Joan Duggan Component Beading Challenge: Bring Your Challenge Piece 

I hope you have a challenge piece ready.  As you recall, Joan donated components to us at the last meeting and challenged us to produce a finished piece from them.   She announced that she would have prizes from her bead stash for the determined winner(s). 

I have mine ready to go and hope that you do as well.  I love challenges!

The Edna Perkins Project: Bring Beads

Each year the members of the Beady Bunch make jewelry that is donated to the Women’s Shelter of the Catholic Charities to be distributed on Mother’s Day.   This year will be no exception.

You can read more about the Project and see photos of the previous two years on this website.  Check the panel to the right.

I still have some unclaimed beads left from the stash donated by Edna.  I will be bringing them to the meeting.  If you have beads that you would like to donate for this purpose, please bring them to the meeting. 

Members will select beads from the donated stash and incorporate them into a piece of jewelry.  The finished pieces should be brought to the April meeting. 

Loomed Bead Work: Bring Loom(s) And/Or Pieces of Loom Work If you Have Them.
Loom Piece In Progress

I will be presenting our program at the next meeting.  The meeting will be in the usual place at St. Andrews Episcopal Church on 87th and Pacific at 7:00 p.m.

The presentation will include a demonstration, discussion, and questions/answers about looming. 

You will not need to bring anything.  However, if you have a loom please bring it along so that as many variations as possible can be viewed.  If you have pieces that you or someone else has loomed, please bring them as well.  

I look forward to seeing you then!

Submitted by Joni Stinson

Rings And Things Omaha Visit

Omaha: Monday, March 23
Omaha: Monday, March 23

Rings and Things is heading our way! At this SPECIAL ONE-DAY SALE, they say this is what they will have:

  • New stone types, shapes and assortments
  • An incredible selection of gemstones
  • Thousands of bead strands
  • Some of our most popular findings and stringing supplies
  • A wide selection of our best-selling items

You will find 15 PERCENT OFF their already LOW WHOLESALE PRICES on gemstone and bead strands. Come see the fun new shapes and sizes! Our strands are priced at retail. Wholesale is 1/2.You get an extra 15% off the wholesale price!

This is an INVITATION-ONLY WHOLESALE SHOW, so please bring your state resale number (or your purchase will be taxed).

This email can serve as your invitation. Never seen one of our shows? See photos here.

Holiday Inn Central (different location than 2008
3321 S. 72nd St.
Omaha, NE 68124
Directions: I-80, exit 449 (72nd St)


To get lots more information about the show, go to:

I’m making my list and plan to be there at 1:00.  Hope to see you there!

Did You Ever Wonder?

Book of Earring Designs Using Delicas and Other Beads

Did you ever wonder what it would cost to purchase one of each and every Delica color available?  Once several years ago, when I had just learned of Delica beads, I purchased one of Barbara Elbe’s fabulous books on beaded earrings.   She also sells Delica’s on her site, and I asked her to include a vial of every bead suggested in the book with my order. 

I knew that I may have an urge in the middle of some night to try a specific earring and not have the right color(s).   Barbara was very accomodating and phoned me to let me know the total before shipping.  She also printed me a reference sheet of all of the beads by Delica number and name.  While the total was substantial, it was worth it! 

This morning I ran across a Delica vendor whose website had the answer to the question posed above.  



 Price: $4,245.00

Includes one Flip Top each of all 885 Delica 11/0 colors manufactured to date. (This price does not include the 8 Rhodium colors that are discontinued. If we have any in stock at the time of your order we will let you know and they can be added then). 10 grams each – excluding Precious Metals which are 5 gramseach. Does not include Hex Cuts or any other size Delicas. Price does includes all additional shipping and insurance costs (+$60. value).



 Price: $260.00

Includes one Flip Top each of all 53 Delica Hex Cut 11/0 colors manufactured to date. 10 grams each – excluding Precious Metals which are 5 grams each.

 If you would like to check out the source website, go to:

So, if you ever wondered……..

Now you know!

Submitted By Joni Stinson 


Are You Up For A Challenge?

At our February 24, 2009 meeting, member Joan Duggan provided our monthly project.  She had previously notified us of the supplies we needed to bring to the meeting.  The list included size 11 seed beads, size 15 beads and/or other small beads as well as our “usual” beading kit.

When Joan arrived, she was toting a box of interesting “findings”.  She placed them on an empty table and invited us to dig in.   Here is a sample of the offering:

Donated by Joan Duggan For The Challenge
Donated by Joan Duggan For The Challenge

There were perforated disks in multiple sizes, pin backs in two sizes, a variety of earring finishing plates including posts and clip-ons and earring “nuts”. 

Now putting any kind of beading materials before this group is like tossing bread in a Koi pond!   Everyone scurried up to the table to fish through the supplies.

Once everyone had their “catch of the day”, the secret came out! 

Joan “challenged” us to create something special from the bait we took from her stash and bring it to the March meeting on March 24, 2009.  The items will be “juried” and prizes will be awarded.    The prizes will be donated by Joan. 

Joan related that her personal bead stash is greater than she will ever be able to bead in  her lifetime.   She will hand select items from her stash for the prizes.

So, are you up to the challenge?  If so, get out the findings you selected and get busy with your project.  I have one in mind.  It will be interesting to see if it is possible to translate it into a finished piece.   

If you missed the meeting and would like to participate, you can either purchase similar findings or drop me a e-mail.  I’ll share. 

Thanks Joan.  I can hardly wait to see the different interpretations in the use  of these findings!