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April 28,2009 Meeting Minutes

Necklace Made By Member ?  Identify Yourself Please!
Necklace Made By Member ? Identify Yourself Please!


Beady Bunch Minutes

April 28, 2009


Guests: We had five guests this meeting. Margie Schulte (Chris Johnson’s sis)-Janis Herbert (Google) – Beth Wayward (Friend of Denise Stahl)- Cheri Vossberg (Bead Show)- Debra Erikson (Bead Show). Welcome ladies!

Treasurer Report: Christy reported on our finances. She has paid all the outstanding bills.  Should you have need of the balance in this account, please contact Christy. 

The President thanks Joni for the lessons on looms last meeting. Charlene Wayland showed us the loom she made and the project she was doing. Good Job Charlene!

Old Business: Joni displayed the jewelry that members made for the “Edna Perkins Project” She will take it to the Catholic Charities for distribution to their clients on Mother’s day.

Joan Duggan reported on hiring Diane Fitzgerald for a work shop. She gets $500 a day and prefers to have a 3 day workshop. The size of the class will be 15. She has openings for spring and fall 2010. Julie made a motion to have Joan proceed with a spring 2010 workshop for 2 days. Seconded by Chris, motion carried.

New Business: Barb ( the great librarian) Told new members about our library. She would like to purchase a book on Kumihimo. All agreed. She also told the correct way to pronounce Kumihimo.

Julie would like to hire 3 Z’s in Lincoln to do a workshop of a flower basket she displayed at the Bead Bazaar. Gail made a motion to pursue the workshop. Seconded by Joni, motion carried.

Joni had a bill for the website renewal for 2 years. The club has reimbursed her.

Mary K. Campbell is in Clarkson hospital. Members can drop her a card.

Julie and Lisa brought cute little bags for members to open all at once. The bags contained handmade toggles to embellish however members wish. Next month we will show pieces we made.

Show and Tell had lots of great ideas for all to enjoy.

Respectably Submitted,

Pam Elledge secretary



Necklace Made By Member ?  Identify Yourself Please!
Necklace Made By Member ? Identify Yourself Please!


Meeting Tomorrow Night

Thought I would send out a reminder that our April meeting is  the 28th.   A couple of things to remember:
1.  Make sure to finish what you are making for the Edna Perkins project and bring with you as they must be turned in.
2.   Bring your supplies for the Kumohimo (I’m sure I mis-spelled that word) supplies
3.   Be there as Julie and I have the  “surprise” item to handout for our May project/show&tell
See you next Tuesday
Lisa Dryden

Thank You Joan!

First Place Prize Winning Piece by Judy Citta
First Place Prize Winning Piece by Judy Citta
Thank you Joan for the Challenge!  Joan Dugan very graciously donated the perforated disks, pins and earrings, in many sizes to all members at our February meeting.  Her challenge was for everyone to design a finished piece using their bead artistic talent and choice of bead embellishments.

At our March meeting, Joan collected the completed jewelry designs and they were each assigned a number. All members present voted and Judy won first place.

Second Place Prize Winner:  Pam Elledge
Second Place Prize Winner: Pam Elledge


Pam won second place and Chris won third place. Joan then presented each winner with a large bag of assorted beads from her “personal stash”. 
Third Place Prize Winner:  Chris Johnson
Third Place Prize Winner: Chris Johnson

Other entries are presented here:














Thanks to Joan and her challenge, fun was had by all participants and we got to view beautiful and diverse finished works of jewelry art.  

A thank you goes out to Joan for her brilliant idea and donation of her “personal stash” of beads.   To say the least, Joan was extremely generous in the gifts she presented.  She made this project very unique and special to all of us.

Photographs and Article Submitted by Beady Bunch Member: Judy Citta