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Guidelines For Presenters


Our President, Virginia Wood, requested that I post these Guidelines for Presenters.   They are simply guidelines, not rules.  If you have additional opinions as to what else may be helpful, please feel free to add them in the comments section.

At Least Two Months Before The Workshop

  • Decide on a project.  This can be a small project that can be finished in one meeting, an introduction to a new stitch or new technique, or a longer project.
  • Obtain permission to use copyrighted materials.  Many websites have a link to the author’s e-mail.  Explain that we are a nonprofit group.

One Month Before The Workshop

  • Annouce the project at the meeting with a list of supplies needed.  Try to bring a sample of the project to the meeting.  If there is a kit involved, give an estimate of the cost.  If you have this information earlier, please feel free to announce your project at any time.
  • Communicate with the Webmaster (Joni Stinson e-mail ) if you want the supply list and cost published on the website for members to refer to.

In The Weeks Before the Workshop

  • Write any needed instructions and/or visual aids. 
  • Test your instructions.  Make sure that they are logical and complete.
  • Make samples. 
  • Make needed copies of patterns and instructions (Save the receipt for reimbursement if you have to have them copied at a copy center)
  • If kits are required, make up the kits. 

The Night Of The Workshop

  • Bring samples to the meeting
  • Lead class.  Feel free to use visual aids.
  • Float among the members to answer questions and assist

How You Can Help

  • Do your best to bring the supplies specified (e.g. the specified size of beads, threads, needles, etc)
  • Be courteous and attentive.  Be ready to start working on the project as soon as the business meeting is over.
  • Be prepared to learn.
  • If kits are to be purchased, try to have the correct amount.

Announcement For Swarovski Users

I just received this e-mail from Rings and Things.  They are having a sale on Swarovski Crystals and Beadalon.  Thought I would put it here just in case you are interested.

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    Meeting Minutes, May 26, 2009

    Second Place Prize Winner:  Pam Elledge


    May 26, 2009

    Virginia opened the meeting at 7:00 P.M.

    Christy gave the treasurer report.   Should you have need to know the balance in our account.  Please contact Christy.


    Joni delivered the jewelry to Catholic Charities in behalf of our group. She said they were delighted. Joni goes above and beyond in her presentation of the items. Thanks Joni, for your work!

    Lisa reported for Julie about the Rose project from 3 Z’s in Lincoln. There was discussion on exactly what would be taught. Lisa will get with Julie and report back next month. All remaining motions were tabled until next month.

    Joan will bring us up to date on the national workshop with Diane Fitzgerald next month.


    Library: Barb bought three new books on kumihimo. Members are encouraged to check out books from our library.

    It was great to see Diane Miller-Grulke at the meeting. Snowbirds are returning!

    Joni reread the statement from Fire Mountain about teaching from their projects. Members are allowed to teach any and all of Fire Mountain items.

    Joni reminded the members about how we had a projected project list in the past. She suggested members sign up to take a month to teach a project. As a result the list is as follows:

    1)      June- Virginia- 4th of July bracelet

    2)      July- Barb- Indian Corn

    3)      August- Sue- Potato chip bead

    4)      September-Diane-Jeweled cards

    5)      October-Joan- Color Theory

    6)      November-Lisa- To be announced


    Thanks to all for volunteering.

    ·        June meeting Virginia will teach the peyote stitch flag tube;

    ·        Red White Blue delicas

    ·        Beads for spacers (any color small beads, stars, metal spacers)

    ·        Bead Kit (  beading wire, crimps, scissors)

    ·        Clasp for bracelet.

    Members started the Show and Tell part of the meeting.

     Respectably Submitted,

     Pam Elledge- secretary

    Our Condolences To Jim Johnston

    Jim Johnston, our Beady Bunch friend and favorite vendor,  lost a very dear friend on April 25.  Clement “Babe” Whipple was a long time friend of Jim’s.  They traveled the Pow Wow circuit together for many years.  Jim was with Babe frequently during his long and valiant fight with cancer. 

    I wrote a tribute to Babe on my blog if you would like to learn more about him.  You can read it at:

    Jim traveled to the Oyate Oyanke Community Center in Santee, Nebraska on April 30 to serve as a Pallbearer for his dear friend.   We know this is a painful loss for you Jim and please accept our sincere condolences.

    Joni Stinson  on Behalf of the Omaha Beady Bunch

    Edna Perkins Project 2009


    Edna Perkins Project 2009
    Edna Perkins Project 2009

    The Edna Perkins Project was started by the Omaha Beady Bunch in 2007.  Edna, a long time member of the Beady Bunch,  had generously donated beads from her growing “stash” to the club members.

    We determined that something very special should be done with the beads to honor Edna and all that she has done for the Omaha Beady Bunch.  The Edna Perkins Project was born.  

    Jewelry Made By Members To Donate For Mother's Day
    Jewelry Made By Members To Donate For Mother's Day

    In summary, we thought the beads  should be used in some way to honor women who are less fortunant than many of us.   We decided to make them into pieces of jewelry and donate them to a local Women’s Shelter.   Details and photos from the previous years, 2007 and 2008 can be viewed on this site.

    Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings, and Brooches
    Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings, and Brooches

    Other members have since donated more beads for the project.  Joni Stinson,  the unelected curator of the beads, brings them to the Beady Bunch Meeting every February.   Members select beads from the stash to make one or more pieces of jewelry.  

    Wonderful Variety of Jewely Pieces
    Wonderful Variety of Jewely Pieces

    The finished pieces are brought to the April meeting.  They are then wrapped and delivered to Catholic Charities to be distributed to their clients on Mother’s Day.

    There is a wonderful variety in color, style, and design.  There is something to please every taste thanks to this talented group of beaders.

    Mother's Day Beauties
    Mother's Day Beauties

    These wonderful pieces for 2009 has now been wrapped and delivered.

    Signed, Sealed, and Delivered!
    Signed, Sealed, and Delivered!

    Edna, we wish to thank you for your inspiration and genorosity over the years.  We miss your wit and widom at our monthly meetings! 

    Members who donated materials and created all of these wonderful pieces, we thank you for making this years event another success!

    To All Mother’s….Happy Mother’s Day from the Omaha Beady Bunch!

    The Mystery Is Solved!

    The Mystery Is Solved!  Our Member Gail May Made This
    The Mystery Is Solved! Our Member Gail May Made This

    When I became the webmaster, I received several photographs of member’s work from the previous webmaster. However, none of the work was identified as to who created it.

    I will be placing them on the site one at a time. If you see a piece that is yours or that you know who made it, please identify it in the comments or drop me an e-mail.

    Now that this mystery is solved, how about this one?  Artist please identify yourself!

    Who Did This One?
    Who Did This One?

    You Never Know!


    You never know who may read what you post on a website or on a blog!  A couple of days ago, I listed a pair of earrings that we made in Beady Bunch last year under Judy Johnson’s tutelage and from a Rings and Things Design. 

    Now this is one of those times when copyright infringement is not an issue as Rings and Things generously allows reproduction of many of their designs.   Of course, I acknowledged the designer, Angela Womach and Rings and Things in the listing. 

    This morning I was presently surprised to see a comment on the blog feature.  When I opened it, it was from Dave Robertson of Rings and Things! 

    If you would like to see the post and his comment, go to 

    Scroll down to Uncle Sam Wants You earrings and click on “comments” at the end of the post.  I was so pleased (even though he called me Joanie) and I think that you will be too! 

    Joni Stinson