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August, 2009 Project Beaded Greeting Card

I will supply the paper and pattern for the beaded hand stitched greeting card.
The pattern I’m using is a free pattern that is copyrighted.  The copyright is on the pattern and if you want to sell these cards you can download a copyright stickers at

Short Bugle Beads
2 colors of seed beads to match the bugle
Needle that will fit through the beads with one strand of embroidery floss (probably a #10)
Metallic embroidery floss (Michaels or Hobby Lobby)
Foam pad (We’ll be poking a needle through the pattern onto the greeting card.)
You can view the free patterns on their website listed above.  Just click on free patterns and the one I’m doing is on the second row in the middle.  Their website is from the UK and has some other wonderful patterns. 
Free Bead Pattern 
Iris Paper folded cards Use scraps of paper and scotch tape.  If you know how to paper piece in quilting you love this idea for scrapbook paper.  You can find Iris Paper Folding on the internet.
Tea Bag folded cards – No they don’t use tea bags!  Look it up on the internet and print off the colored patterns.
Take a photo and then cut it out with scalloped scissors and glue to a blank greeting card. 
Cut out cute things from old greeting cards and paste it onto a blank greeting card.
Have some of that novelty fabric laying around well just cut out the butterfly or etc and glue it onto a blank card.
Can’t find an envelope that will fit your card then download a pattern to make your own envelope off the internet.
I’ll bring my samples that I learned how to do in Texas.
Keep on Beading!
Diane K. Miller-Grulke

To Russia…With No Love!

This is an editorial comment by the moderator of this website and the comments are purely my own! 

I have just deleted 327 comments.  95% are written in Russian and have no relevance to this group, its activities, or members.   In fact, I don’t believe we have a single member that speaks Russian or has any interest in your pills, porn, or pure nonsense. 

This is a moderated site and your comments will never be responded to nor will they ever be published.  So, I suggest that you cease to waste your time and mine with your nonsense.

We left this site open for the benefit of people in our area who are interested in beads and beading.   If you continue to post your pills, porn, and pure nonsense,  we will need to change our policies.

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