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September 2009 Group Challenge

First Place Winner Pam Elledge
First Place Winner Pam Elledge

In July, Joan Duggan challenged the members of the Omaha Beady Group to produce an item at the September, 2009 meeting.  Joan, a multi-talented member of the group,  had hand dyed some fabric swatches  in a luscious array of colors.  She combined the selection of fabrics with packets of white drop beads.

She challenged the members to select one or more pieces of fabric and a packet of beads.  These were to be used in a creation of the member’s choice. 

Sue Harr offered gift certificates for her bead store as prizes for the challenge. 

The entries were amazing as demonstrated in the following photos.

You have to agree that the members rose to Joan’s challenge and created some remarkable items.  Hats Off to all who entered!

September 22, 2009 Meeting Minutes


September 22, 2009

Treasurers Report: Christy reported on our bank balance.  Specific amount can be obtained from the Treasurer if you have need of that information.

The President announced that Joan had contacted Nancy Meinhardt about workshops. We will have a couple of classes September 25th & 26th 2010. There will be two 1-day classes. The teacher would like to have 12 in the classes. She would go to 18 if needed, for $25 per person. Gail May volunteered to find housing for Nancy after the first of the year.  Joan printed seven project sheets that Nancy offered.  Please go to and pick two you would like to make. Write down the names and give them to Joan.

Here is a list with the names of the projects

1 Rapunzel

2 Dangles

3 Izzy & Lucy Bracelet

4 Nedebele lariat

5 Free form vertical netting

6 Deneen’s Necklace

7 Museum bracelet

Remember the Lincoln bead show is October 10th, 10a.m. To 5p.m. Joan passed out discount passes

Virginia is looking for someone to be a greeter at the meetings to welcome visitors and new members. If you are interested see the president.

Next month Joan Duggan will be doing her Color Theory. Lisa will be doing the November project.

Joni would like to have a “vendor of the month” feature on the website. So members be on the lookout for a vendor you have dealt with and would like to make vender of the month. This month Joni picked  Joni brought some beads for the site to show members.

Joan judged the bead challenge she had members complete. There were lots of wonderful projects. Pam Elledge got 1st, Chris Johnson got 2nd, and Denise Stahl 3rd. Congratulations to all.

Show and Tell was presented.

Respectfully Submitted by Pam Elledge, Secretary.


August, 2009 Meeting Minutes



August 25, 2009

President Virginia welcomed new member Sue O’ Grady and Jeri Wiskus, and visitors Kim and Cassie.

Treasurer Report: Christy told members our Bank balance.

Joan Duggan turned in monies from the Bead Bazaar. Next year the Bead Bazaar will be April 10th. She passed out discount tickets to the Lincoln October 10th fall bazaar.

Joni, our web master, said we had over 397 nasty Russian comments on our site. Joni posted a memo about the rude remarks. Barb will ask her son how to block our site of such trash.

Library: Barb told member and guests about all the new books we have, and how to check them out for a month at a time.

Workshop: Eleven members have signed up for the September 13th bead project. It is being held at St. Andrews church 84th & Pacific. The time is 12:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Members must buy the project kits from the teacher. The price is $ 23.00 plus tax. Members will make a bowl that a red rose sits in. The instructions for the rose will come with the kit.

Spring 2010 Workshop: Joan passed around pictures of projects from Diane Fitzgerald, Nancy Meinheardt, and Wendy Ellsworth. After much discussion Lisa made a motion to have Joan check on the three teachers and report back to members, seconded by Chris. Motion carried.

Diane Miller- Grulke will teach the class tonight on beaded cards.

Next month will be Sue Harr will teach.

Members took turns with their Show and Tell

Respectably Submitted,

Pam Elledge, Secretary