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November, 2009 Project

Doesn't This Look Fun!
Doesn't This Look Fun!
OK, I said I would teach in November so wanted to get this out to all of you ahead of time.     Attached is the free pattern from Bead and Button that my good friend Julie found.   My plan was to have one completed to show next Tuesday HOWEVER, I got 5 out of the 6 side strips made and ran out of blue delica beads and when I went to IBM, they didn’t have that color.   SO I got a new blue color BUT was on vacation last week so I only have 1.5 strips with the new blue made.   Based on all the activities my family has scheduled this weekend, I’m 99.9% sure I won’t have one completed to show you.  Sorry for that.  Julie did get some clear bulbs but they were smaller than the 3 1/4″ that the pattern calls for.   I hope to be able to hit both Micheals and Hobby Lobby this weekend to see if they have this size (obviously if we can’t find that size, we will just have to adjust our patterns).   I’m assuming the ornaments will probably come in a box with more than 1 SO if I do find them, I will buy one or 2 boxes and you can just buy from me.
SO brush up on your peyote skills and if you want to start working on these ahead of time, then maybe we can use the Nov. meeting to “assemble”.    These are pretty inexpensive (supply-wise) – just will take some time BUT are so cute and would make a very nice gift.
I thought I would send this out as I know many of you have access to a color printer so you can print you own.   I’ll try to pole people next week and will make copies as necessary for those who can’t print their own color copies.
Have a great weekend and see you all next Tuesday.
Lisa Dryden
Note:  Lisa sent a follow up memo.  Michaels has the bulbs that are needed for the project.