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Supplier Of The Month: Indian Dreams Trading Post

Molly Kubista's Ledger Painted and Beaded Hide 

At our last monthly meeting, one of our members inquired as to where I purchase my Delicas. I have done a bit of research for on-line sources of Delica beads and would like to recommend this company.

The owner is one of my a cyber-friends. I do believe that it will difficult to find a better place for Delicas. Since the quality of all Delicas are the same, price becomes  the major factor for me.   The prices from Indian Dreams Trading Post are less than most other suppliers that I have found.

Indian Dreams Trading Post  is located in Terrebonne, Oregon. The website is .

In addition to this website, they also have an Etsy store. If you are member of Etsy and prefer to buy there, the website address for that location is

Indian Dreams Trading Post is a terrific source for Delica beads (they stock over 1200 colors), Seed Beads, Triangle Beads, Gem Stone Beads, Drop Beads, Swarovski Crystal, Czech Beads, Pressed Glass Beads, Needles , Thread and beading supplies.

If you can’t find what you are looking, for just e-mail or phone them and they will do their best to help you!
Mailing Address is: Po Box 66 Terrebonne Or 97760
Order Phone Line # 541-504-7669
E-mail Address:

While the usual purchase unit for Delica’s is 10 gm tubes, if you are doing a large project, they sell many colors in 50 gram lots.  I have an order ready to purchase  several beads that I use often in the 50 gram units. I will realize considerable savings by doing so and won’t be running out as often.

This is a quote from the owner: “We have been selling beads for 27 years. Once you buy a bead , its all over. You can never get to many.

The store also promotes the work of Molly Kubista.  Molly does museum quality beadwork combined with Ledger art painting on hides as well as other beadwork.  The photograph  at the top of this post is a sample of her work. If you would like to see more of her work, go to:   It will be a real treat for you!

I hope you will check out this supplier for your beading needs.  Happy Beading!

Sumitted by Joni Stinson

Minutes of January 26, 2010 Meeting


January 26, 2010

President Virginia opened by inquiring about everyone’s Christmas.

Treasurer report: Christy reported the club has $  in the bank. (Members may contact Christy if they have need of knowing the amount).  Joni turned in a web site bill for 2010. Christy will accept dues for the 2010 membership.

To renew your membership the cost is $18.00.

The Nancy Meinhardt project: Joni put out the numbered project sheets and members who had not voted on which two they liked best, needed to do it tonight. There was discussion on how much a bead kit, from Nancy, would cost.

Lisa made a motion for the club to pay the first $25 of a class cost. Seconded by Julie, motion carried.

Gail May will be doing the February class on shrink wrap. Members were asked to bring colored pencils or sharpie pens for the project.

Future monthly projects members would like to do are as follows: Dutch spiral by Joan, Herringbone Bracelet by Gail, ATC trading cards by Judy, Gismo wire work, Bead embroidery, Netted color by Chris, Poly Clay, and Ornament for Christmas. No monthly order was decided.

Julie and Lisa went to Beads Etc, and talked to a woman about teaching a wire wrap and findings class. They wanted to know if the members would be interested. Judy Citta said she would teach wire wrap and findings to the club in the future.

The Omaha quilters are having a class on February 6th from 9:00 A.M. To 4:00 P.M. It is titled Beads & Charms from fabric and fibers. You can check it out on their site.

Rings and Things will be having a show March 22, 2010 at the Holiday Inn Central. You can find out more by going to Rings and things site.

Beady Bunch spring bead show will be April 10, 2010, at the Westside Community Center.

Judy Citta reported for Barb Dewell on the Milwaukee trip. After much discussion Lisa made a motion that we don’t make the trip in 2010, and decide in August of 2011 weather we pursue a trip, seconded by Julie Motion carried. The club thanked Judy for presenting Barb’s report. It was noted how much work went into preparing for the cancelled trip. Thanks Barb.

Christy reminded the club we had not gifted the helper man at St Andrews at Christmas. The clubs will send him a $50 check and thanks for his services.

Joni announced the winners of the Nancy Meinhardt project. Number one was Deneen’s Necklace, followed by Ndebele Lariat.

Show and tell was presented. 

Christmas Celebration with goodies ended the meeting.

 Respectably Submitted

Pam Elledge Secretary