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May 2010 Monthly Project Materials

At our May meeting, Judy Citta will be teaching wire-wrapping.  Here is the list of hints and materials provided by Judy.   

From Judy Citta:

This is a  list of items that I know are on sale this week.
Again, you do not need to feel like you need to buy anything but if you choose to participate, you might as well get them on sale.
Small chasing hammer-40% off with coupon from Hobby can print off as many as you want but can only use 1 at a time.) or coupon was in Sunday’s paper. also Bailing Pliers. 
Thing-a-Ma Jig & The Coiling Gizmo(you will love them-their possibilities are endless) at Joann’s Fabrics on 84th & Center 40% off with no need for coupon.
Darice Craft Designer copper wire 16 Gauge 40% off Joann’s with no coupon.
Same copper wire at Michael’s but you can print coupon just like hobby lobby from Michael’s .com or coupon was in Sunday’s paper.
Round nose pliers
Chain Nose”””’
Bent nose “””
Flat nose””
Nylon Jaw “””
Wire cutters are all on sale at Joann’s also.
Bench steel block or Mini anvil for chasing hammer.
Small jewelry files may also be available at Hobby Lobby???
Questions, email me  
Editors Note:  If you don’t want to purchase tools that you don’t know if you will ever use again, I am sure that others will be willing to share theirs with you at the meeting.

Minutes of April 2010 Meeting

Featured Artist:  Julie Oberby

April 27, 2010

President Virginia greeted all and welcomed the seven visitors.
Christy gave the treasurer’s report. The club received a sizeable check from the Nebraska Bead Society.  This was our portion of the profit from the bead bazaar. The club bank balance was reported.  Should you have need of the exact figure, contact our treasurer.

Old Business:
Everyone was happy with the Bead bazaar this year. It was a better show than last years. Charlene Weyland suggested the club have an easy demo project. This year it was a Dutch spiral, and Charlene heard people saying it was too hard to understand. Next year we will have simple demo for beginners.

Members brought their bead projects for the Edna Perkins Project. There were many nice jewelry offerings. Silki took pictures for Joni to put on the website. In Joni’s absence, Lisa took the gifts and will get them to Joni to distribute before Mother’s Day. Thanks to all who contributed.

Virginia reminded members about the workshop in September with Nancy Meinhardt. New members can go to our website and see the two projects the club picked to do. Discussion was started over the cost and how much members will pay. Secretary Pam asked to table the discussion until she could look up back minutes.

New Business:
Denise Stahl suggested the club have a discussion time that would help other members solve problems or have questions of seasoned beaders. Denise made a motion that the club has an open format discussion, up to 10 minutes long, after the business meeting, seconded by Gale. Motion carried.

Judy Citta will be doing the monthly project next month on wire wrap and findings. Judy will send out an e-mail tomorrow on tools and items needed for the class.

Show and tell was presented.

Respectably Submitted,
Pam Elledge Secetary

Jesse James Beads…Vendor of The Month

At our March meeting, our member, Gail May, had a nice surprise for us.  She had been contacted by Jesse James Beads.  They had provided her with strands of sample beads which were distibuted to the members who were present. 

Jesse James Beads says, “Jesse James Beads is always on the cutting edge of fashion. We are forever following the fashion scene and buying new beads to keep our inventory trendy and up-to-date with the season’s hottest colors and styles. In fact, many of our beads are the same as ones found in designer jewelry in upscale department stores. Our products reflect the latest trends to assist our customers in creating trendy pieces of jewelry. We stay true to our motto: Jewelry-Grade Beads Make a Piece of Jewelry, Craft-Grade Beads make a Craft.

Not only to they stock high quality beads, their website is a depository of many features to help the beader.  For example, they have pre-selected complimentary beads to coordinate with focals.    Here is one example:

SP Aqua

They have a  “Beader’s Block” Section featuring ideas such as this for necklaces.

Black Jewelry

For Bracelets

Turquoise Jewelry

For Earrings


They offer a large variety of “sample” packs that range in cost from $2.50 to $20.00.  These appear to be generous enough to complete a small project without having to invest in a large number of beads of different types. 

There website is easy to navigate and loads quickly.  I could probably be lost on it for hours!  Check it out for yourself.   Here is the link:

I am sure you will find many treasures to add to your bead stash!

The Omaha Beady Bunch would like to thank Jesse James Beads for the lovely beads given to us at our March meeting.    We will post pictures of items made from them here at a later date and share them with you.

Meeting Minutes March 2010

March 23, 2010
Old Business:
Joan addressed the Bead Bazaar. It will be April 10th at
Westside Community The bazaar time is 9:00a.m. until 4:00p.m.Center. Joan passed around a helper sign-up paper. Last year we had 10 vendors, this year we have around 26 already. Joan will e-mail discounts tickets for members to print and hand out. We have to pay the food vendor a certain amount of money to come to the event, so purchasing your food there will help the club.
Joni reported on the” Edna Perkins project.” She brought beads for members to take home and make jewelry. Joni will not be at the April meeting, so Lisa will collect the items. Please bring all your items to the April meeting.

New Business:

Gail received an e-mail form a gal about new beading products. The business is called Jesse James Beads. The company sent strands of Czech beads. Gail gave every member a strand at the meeting. You can check out the website at

Joni will make this vendor the  “vendor of the month” on our website.

Joan will be teaching member’s next month’s project. It will be a Dutch spiral. Joan will send a list of what member’s need to make the project.

Show & Tell
Respectably Submitted
Pam Elledge, Secretary