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Advance Planning For July and August Meetings

Advance Planning for July and August

Judy Citta, who will be teaching at our July and August meeting has asked that I share this information with you for your ease in collecting needed tools and supplies.

Judy says, “For July you will need your tools or share and 16 ga copper round wire and jump rings (size 4 or 6mm yet to be determined because I have to draw our a pattern for everyone and make a part of the bracelet to see which looks and works best.I will do that soon and let everyone know. (Julie is coming early so I can show her how to do her toggle, you’re welcome to come also maybe by 5:30.

August mtg. we will wrap an oval cab. of your choosing (not small, 30mm x40mm is standard and easy to work with. Then it is my hope that everyone has learned enough by then to go off on their own and wrap anything using their own artistist ability.

For August you will need 21ga half round/half hard wire and 21ga.square/half hard wire of your choice along with your cab. We will use flat nose pliers with no grooves inside, wire cutters, and vinyl coated square nose pliers to wrap our cab.

Submitted by

Judy Citta

Minutes May 25, 2010


May 25, 2010

Vice president Gale May conducted the meeting.

Old Business:

Nancy Meinhardt classes were discussed. Judy Citta made a motion to charge each member who signs up for a class, $25 per class. The charge would be reimbursed to the member when they come to the class. If the member does not attend the class they signed up for they would lose their $25. Motion was seconded by Joan Duggan. Motion was voted on and carried.

Pam reported for Joni on the delivery of the Mother’s Day project. Joni took the jewelry items that members made to the V. A. They were very pleased.

New Business:
Kathy Toher donated some past issues of bead books to the club. Judy made a motion to give the books to our Beady Bunch library. Seconded by Joan, motion carried.

Gail asks for a volunteer to be the new librarian. Barb was thanked for the great job she did as past librarian. Judy Citta volunteered for the job. Thanks were given to Judy.

Joan made a motion to give the gifted bead magazines be added to the club library. Seconded by Lisa, motion carried.

Joan talked about having two 2011 workshops. Members are to think about a teacher they would like to have come and teach. The club needs to start making plans for 2011 workshops. Judy Walked was brought up as a possible teacher.

Lisa will be teaching the June class. We will be making a flag purse. The instructions are in the June/July 2003 Beadwork. Supplies are a tube each of Red, White, and Blue size 11 seed beads. Tubes of Red, White, & Blue size 6 beads. Members will need a button for the closer on the purse. Also bring thread, needle, scissors, etc. The project is a right angle weave.

Show and Tell

Judy was the teacher for the evening. She showed us her wirework and all the tools need for wirework.

Respectably Submitted
Pam Elledge. Secretary