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September 25 and 26th Workshops

At our meeting last Tuesday night, it was determined that these two necklaces will be presented at our Workshop with  NanC Meinhardt.

Deneen's Necklace

This is Deneen’s Lariat.  It will be presented on Saturday, September 25 , 2010

Skill Level: All those with knowledge of peyote stitch are welcome.

Using a new “twist” together with peyote stitch, NanC Meinhardt will teach the participants of this workshop to make an elegant yet easy to accomplish necklace. This necklace is composed of off-loom beaded elements connected to each other with an innovative method of bead stringing creating a braided effect. Designed by Deneen Matson, this piece lends itself to several variations and may be modified to fit your level of expertise. Two of the options that will be demonstrated are adding a second layer of beading to your components and choosing a mix of various size beads to use in the braided sections. Bring your own creative voice into the process to make a necklace as individual as you are.

Supplies Needed:

  • 6 tubes (7.5 grams) of Delica size 11 seed beads in two or MORE colors. I use as many as eight different colors (or more!) in the Deneen’s Necklaces I make for myself. The colors may be either in subtle or high contrast.
  • Fireline 6 lb. test or Silamide A beading thread
  • Size 11 beading needles
  • Beeswax or Micro wax
  • Magnifying glasses or visor if needed (seeing is very important!)
  • Small scissors
  • Mat for a working surface
  • Extra light and extension cord if needed
  • Magnifying glasses or visor if needed
  • Thread Zapper (optional)
  • Thread Winders (optional)  

This is Rapunzel and will be presented on Sunday, September 26, 2010

Open to all skill levels

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair…or at least your beads!” Learn NanC Meinhardt’s amazing way to start flat peyote, and then learn how she builds in an increase right into the foundation row. Enjoy spending a day creating a spiraling, swirling, twirling cascade of peyote stitch ending in a burst of encrusted curl. No need to close your lariat with a knot, as the spiraling curl twists upon itself to form its own closure. Would Rapunzel trade in her beautiful curls for this beaded version?? You bet!

Supplies Needed:

My supply list is to be considered as a list of suggestions rather than a list of “must haves”. In most of the Rapunzel lariats I have made, I used a wider selection of colors of all the seed beads than I mention in this supply list. You are free to add as much variety to the supplies as you wish. Have fun putting all the colors and beads together!

  • 20 grams each of three colors of size 11 seed beads. Use two colors that “blend” together creating an effect of one color shaded into the next.
  • 20 grams each of three colors of size 14 seed beads. These can either contrast with the size 11s or continue in the same palette.
  • 20 grams each of two colors of size 8 seed beads. These may either contrast or blend with all previous choices.
  • Optional: 1/2 hank size 13 charlottes. To be used as part of the embellishment beads.

Embellishment bead suggestions: ½ strand each of two colors of fresh water pearls, ½ strand of center drilled keshi pearls, 3mm and 4mm crystals or firepolish, a couple of 5mm crystals or firepolish, a “smattering” of colors of size 8 seed beads and/or size 10 triangles. In fact, the object here is to choose anything that is lush, extravagant and that pleases you!

  • Size 11 and 12 beading needles
  • Beading thread of your choice
  • Beading surface
  • Task light and extension cord
  • Magnifying glasses or visor

If you have given the Treasurer your check for either of these two classes or for both and have changed your mind since, you are to contact our Treasurer, Christy, by phone or e-mail prior to August 10, 2010.   

Minutes of Meeting, June, 2010

July Project: Finished Piece By Judy Cita

June 22, 2010

We had a visitor from Eureka AK. Her name was Kathy Tromberg
Treasurer Report: The Treasurer reported on our bank balance. Should you have need of the balance information, please contact the treasurer.
New Business:
The September25 & 26 workshop was discussed. Lisa asked if anyone was interested in only one class. Christy reminded members she is holding the checks until the workshops. She will return the money to the members who attend the workshops. Gail reported on finding a place to hold the workshops. Joan made a motion to have the workshops at the Ramada Hotel on 72nd and Grover for the price of $75 per day. The motion was seconded by Lisa, motion carried. The workshops are two days at 6 hours each. The club has two slots open. Joan made a motion that members make a decision if they want to take the 1 or 2 day workshops by the August meeting. Seconded by Lisa, motion carried.

Old Business:
Judy Citta, Liberian, went over the rules of checking out book or other items from the library. She reminded members that you can keep the items one month. A late fee will be charged after one month. Judy would like members to let her know personally when you return the item. Don’t forget to write your name in the book when checking out books or items.
President Virginia brought up the need for a meeting agenda. Chris Johnson made a motion to have a agenda due one week before meeting. Seconded by Joan, motion carried. If member have something they want on the agenda please contact Virginia one week before meeting.
Virginia reminded members this is a election year for the club. Nominations for offices will be in October, with voting in November.
Joan Duggan asked members to be thinking about 2011 workshops. We need to prepare soon. We will discuss the matter at the July meeting.
Show & tell
Respectably Submitted,

Pam Elledge, Secretary

July Project: Finished Piece By Judy Cita