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On-line Suppliers Suggested By Members


Made by Denise Stahl For Her Daughter To Wear at Her Pre-nuptial Dinner

At our last meeting Denise Stahl started a discussion about favorite on-line vendors.  The following websites were discussed and their websites are provided here.

Shipwreck Beads


Full Service Beads and Findings Site


Specializes in crystal.  Reported to have great prices


Traditional and unusual beads from all over the world
Indian Jewelry Supply


Great place for sheet metal, wire, gem stones, findings, and tools.
Rio Grande
Full service bead, findings, display, tools, and equipment

Members had positive remarks about each of these vendors.  Should you have others you would like to have added here, please let me know.

Joni Stinson, Web Master

Meeting Minutes: August, 2010

President Virginia Woods called the meeting to order.
Lisa showed a watch that had been left at a meeting a few months ago.   She will bring again as no one claimed it.  If it is your watch, contact Lisa, or come to our next meeting.
A motion was made and seconded that since we have lots of money, we should have 2 out of town instructors next year  (2011) – one more in spring and another towards fall.   A vote was taken and passed.  
Projected Fall Workshop
Judy Citta presented info she had obtained from Judy Walker and she will be the guest instructor  for next fall (she is out of country and very busy during spring).   Judy will contract Judy Walker and see if she is available any of the 4 weekends in August.  
We would do 2 classes – pictures were shown and people put their names on the backs of their 2 favorite projects.   Anyone who hasn’t voted in August will have a chance in Sept.   
Decision on the 2 projects will be decided based on votes at Sept. meeting.     
Judy Walker charges $300.00 per day – most instructors charge more like $500.00 per day.   Group is responsible for Judy’s airfare – we will ask her to make her own reservations as that’s easier than trying to have someone make them for her.  
Judy Walker doesn’t have a contract but the group felt we needed one so Julie Overbey volunteered to put one together based on the one we have for Nancy Meinhardt.     
Since Judy Walker and Judy Citta are friends, Judy Citta offered to have Judy Walker stay at her house.   Group agreed that was OK.  A motion was made, 2nd’d and passed that group would pay for Judy Citta to entertain Judy Walker while she is here in town.  
Judy Walker will make her book (The Beaded Sphere) available to group members for $26.00 – regular price is $36.00.    
Checks need to be given to Treasurer (Christy) by the September meeting as order will be placed following the Sept. meeting.   Please make arrangements to get your check to Christy if you won’t be at the Sept. meeting as this will be the only time to take advantage of this special price.    
Judy Citta will find out whether Judy Walker requires that we buy our supplies from her and also ask her if she will be bringing any kits for other projects that she offers. 
We have 11 of the 12 spots for each of the 2 classes Nancy Meinhardt is teaching in Sept. filled.   The group decided we weren’t going to open up any more spots beyond 12 – that way we can all get the attention we need/want.  Class will be 9-4 each day.   We will order Jimmy Johns to be delivered for lunch.   The class is at the Ramada Inn (NOT the Holiday Inn) at 72nd and Grover Sept. 25th and 26th.
Use of Committees
Lisa suggested that because we have added several new members and the group has gotten bigger, when we have items (ex. out of town instructors) that we have a committee handle all the details so we don’t waste time with so much discussion and time taken away from doing our projects during Tuesday night meeting time.    Group agreed.    
VP Responsibilities
Lisa also reminded group that the VP is responsible for securing the projects/instructors for monthly meetings and we need to not take time away from meeting for working on this.  
Nominating Committee Report
Joni told results of nominating committee’s meeting.   List of candidates for officers for 2011-2012 term are:   Pres – Chris Johnson, VP – Julie Overbey, Treasurer – Lisa Dryden, Secretary – Denise Stahl
If there is anyone else who would like to be considered for an office, please let Joni know.    Vote will be at October meeting.
Treasurer’s Report
The treasurer presented the Treasurer’s Report.  Anyone with need of the information regarding financials for the organization should contact the treasurer.
Discussion Topic
Denise asked for input from the group on what places people used for shopping online.   Responses were:
Fire Mountain – good for bulk and has $5.00 shipping
Shipwreck – big supply
INM – good for crystals and only charges $6.00 shipping
Ecclectica – good for just about anything – especially hard to find items
IJS (Indian Jewelry Supply) – good for sterling silver
Rio Grande
(Webmaster Note: Links for these suppliers have been added to this site under “Featured Suppliers).
Show and Tell
We had show and tell.  Items will be added to the Gallery of Members work.  The Show and Tell item of our new member, Jennifer Kaspar, was selected to feature in this post. 
September Meeting
The group asked Diane Miller-Grulke to be our instructor for Sept. meeting with her Lightening Bolt Peyote stitched earrings.  A separate post contains the supplies you will need to bring to the meeting.
Hope I caught it all – it was a good meeting with lots of “stuff” to record.
Submitted By Lisa Dryden
(Acting Secretary in the Absence of the Secretary)
Beaded By Jennifer Kaspar, New Member

September 2010 Project


September Project

Lightening Bolts Pendant and Earrings

Supply List 

  • One tube of delica seed beads any color
  • Crystals to match for dangles – 3-4Mm
  • Basic bead supplies –
  • needle size 12 (small enough to fit though delicas) 
  • thread or 4lb test Berkleys crystal fireline.

Greetings from Diane Miller-Grulke

Supplies Needed For August, 2010 Project

Wire Work By Beady Bunch Member

I received this e-mail from our Secretary this morning.  It was sent by Judy Cita, club member and instructor for our up-coming meeting.

Would you be so kind as to send this out to our wonderful group of ladies and one very nice gentleman.
Note: wire needed in supplies for August Project needed are listed on omahabeadybunch .org
Additional supplies needed:
12″ ruler
1-1/2 ft. of ball & chain Chain (like chains on old lamps)
Marker to mark measurements on wire
Goo-Gone and small soft tee shirt scraps to clean off residue left from tape
tape-I like Quilter’s tape and Auto pin stripe tape the best (less residue on wire) but some people like blue painters tape
square (non-groved) nosed pliers also known as flat nose pliers-smooth jaws
wire cutters
nylon coated pliers for straightening wire.
Round nose pliers

Jewelry Polishing Cloth 
I do not have extra supplies this time.
Remember, I will give a present to anyone who attended and made each project.  You can have an excuse but it had better be good! :>)
And I promised to Donate to our library, what I think is the best wire wrap book for you all to check out for the privlegde of leting me teach these three classes.
Judy Cita, August Instructor

2010 Nominating Committee Report

Left: Presidential Nominee Chris Johnson Right: Out Going Treasurer Christy McAndrews

Nominating Committee Report

The Nominating Committe was made of Joni Stinson, Chair, Lisa Dryden, and Julie Overby.  The Nominating Committee met on August 11, 2010 to prepare a selected slate of officers for the coming Beady Bunch year. The slate of officers suggested by the Nominating Committee is as follows:

President Chris Johnson

Vice President Julie Overby

Treasurer Lisa Dryden

Secretary Denise Stahl

This slate will be presented at our August meeting. Please know that nominations will also be accepted from the membership at large at the meeting should there be those who would like to nominate others. In the event that no other members are nominated from the floor, a motion will be made to elect this slate by unanimous consent.

Submitted by

Joni Stinson

Chairman of Nominating Committee

Middle: Lisa Dryden, Nominee For Treasury.

New Members At Work On Project


Minutes of Meeting July, 2010

Web Note:

Secretary, Pam Elledge, was absent due to family issues.  Member Lisa Dryden volunteered to do the minutes.  Thank you Lisa!

Meeting Minutes:

Guests: Iris Deviney

 Jennifer Kaspar

Mary Dudzinski

New Business:

Next month, Judi Citta will bring info on Guest Instructors that she gathered while at Bead & Button that we can look at for next year .

Treasurer’s report:   Our treasurer reported on our current bank balance.  Should you have need of that information, please contact our treasurer.

 Joni said she would head up a nominating committee for the 4 elected officers that are: President, VP, Treasurer and Secretary.

Chris Johnson volunteered to run for President

Joni is the current Webmaster and Judi Citta is the current Librarian – neither of these are elected positions

The vote for the 2nd Nancy Meinhardt class was for Rapunzel. Motion was made by Julie Overbey and 2nd by Judi Citta that anyone who paid for both classes and now would like to back out of the Rapunzel class (because that’s not what they originally signed up for) has until Aug. 10th to let Christy McAndrews know.  She would refund the $25.00. If you don’t let Christy know by the 10th, you will not be able to get your money back.

The Saturdayclass will be Denee’s Lariat and Sunday class will be Rapunzel necklace. The supply list can be found on the website.

Supplies for next month’s wire wrapping taught by Judi are listed on the group’s website.

Show and Tell : Many beautiful show and tell items were presented.  They will be added to the website at a later date.

 Judi taught copper bracelet. 

Respectfully Submitted by

 Lisa Dryden