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September 25,26 2010 Workshop

On September 25, 26, 2010, the Omaha Beady Bunch sponsored a workshop for its members at the Ramada Inn in Omaha, Nebraska.

NanC Meinhardt was flown in to present the workshop. You can read about NanC and view some of her wonderful work on our site.  (Click Workshop Information on the right)

Three Samples of Deneen's Lariat Done by NanC Meinhardt

On Saturday, NanC presented Deneen’s Lariat.

The group worked diligently on this project all day.   You can see them concentrating……


While we were making our lariat the required length, NanC read selected passages from the book “Art and Fear” by Bayles and Orland.

This book is available on Amazon at this link:
We might want to consider purchasing it for our library as it contained many thought provoking ideas and challenges. 
On day two of the workshop, NanC presented a spiral necklace called Rapunzel. 
The group continued to work diligently while NanC continued to enlighten us with both her experiences and passages from the book.
NanC Meinhardt is a wonderful teacher!  I tried to get a photograph of her alone but she kept running away from the idea.  We were able to get a couple of shots with her and the group.  This last photograph is her attempt to hide behind Sue……NanC…you can run but you can’t hide!
Despite her becoming ill during day 2 of the workshop, she managed to give us her all!  NanC, we hope you have fully recovered from your exposure to Golden Rod, our group, and know that we thoroughly enjoyed your time with us! 
We can hope that your trip to Anthony’s for prime rib (or was that snake) will entice you to return to Omaha again in the future! 

NanC Meinhardt, Artist and Educator: Gallery of Work

The Omaha Beady Bunch was priviledged to have a two day workshop on September 25, 26, 2010 instructed by one of the world’s truly great bead artists and an equally great human being….

NanC Meinhardt.

NanC Meinhardt

NanC says, “My days are spent exploring creativity, making art, teaching off-loom bead weaving techniques, selling beads, eating and sleeping: a full life indeed. Traveling and teaching beadwork across the country as well as overseas has extended my association with other bead artists. I am endlessly fascinated with how each person expresses his or her own creativity and expands the tradition of beadwork.

Beading is a meditative activity for me, allowing my mind to wander through the work of my hands so that each piece represents the sound of my soul. As I reflect on my life, I would definitely say, “I am most fortunate as this is as good as life gets.”

In addition to the projects presented in the workshop, NanC brought along some examples of her work.  I photographed them with her permission and am putting them here for reference and for the benefit of those members who were unable to attend the workshop.

Stick Art: View 1
View From A Different Angle
View From A Different Angle

NanC described her Right Angle Weave Stick Art piece to the group in attendance.

Close Up And Personal
Close Up And Personal

3 Bead Peyote, Stitch In The Ditch

A Tigher Shot.  The Silver appearing beads are stitched in the ditch.  Sequins and small beads encrust the center.

The Back Side of The Bracelet
"Froth" BraceletNanC described the fringe on this bracelet as "Froth". She demonstrated froth, more froth, and frothiest froth. If my memory serves me well the base of the bracelet is done in diagonal ndebele stitch.Back Side of Froth Bracelet
Close Up of Back Side of Froth Bracelet
Embellished Right Angle Weave Bracelet

This bracelet is far more gorgeous than my mediocre photographic skills portray. 

Back Side of Embellished Right Angle Weave Bracelet
Assorted Bracelets Using Various Techniques
Another Beauty!
Free Form Work

Linked Bracelet

It was such a pleasure for us to view her work and have her describe each piece.  I only wish I had recorded it all as well as photographed.

If you ever have the opportunity to take a class from NanC, don’t hesitate for one second. 

She is an excellent teacher and you will love being with her! 
NanC…thank you so much for coming to Omaha!  We thoroughly enjoyed viewing your work, learning more about beading, improving our skills and visions. Thank you for sharing a part of yourself with us!  
I am sure that “What If?” will be heard around our group for many years to come!