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Meeting Minutes October 26, 2010

BEADY BUNCH MEETING October 26, 2010

President Virginia opened the meeting at 7:00 P.M.

Next month is elections. Here is a list of candidates:

President: Chris Johnson

Vice President: Julie Overbey

Secretary: Denise Stahl

Treasurer Lisa Dryden

Due to Christy’s boating accident, Lisa has already taken over the treasurer spot.

Gail brought the Judy Walker books to the meeting for Judy Citta. Judy Citta got pneumonia on her cruise. Lisa made a motion that the club pick up the shipping and handling charge on the books. The motion was seconded by Chris Johnson. Motion voted on and carried. Judy Walker will personally sign the books at the workshop next August 20 & 21st.

Judy Citta is working on the Diane Fitzgerald workshop for next year. She will appoint a committee to help her when needed.

The Bead Bazaar will be April 9, 2011, at the Westside Community Center. It was discussed that more publicity is needed next year. Let Joan know if you are interested in helping.

Next month Joan will be doing the project. It is a Beaded Bead, done with a right angle weave. Supplies are, size 11 beads and a regular bead kit. Joan will supply the forms that are needed.

Also don’t forget Julie’s bead challenge. Bring a brown paper bag with unused beads from your stash to exchange. You must bring a bag to participate. Official rules are in last month’s minutes.

Jim Johnson is going out of business. He had the last of his beads to sell at the meeting. We will miss you, Jim. It was always fun to address the ladies and Jim!

The club has run out of business cards. Lisa volunteered to have more printed.

Tonight’s class was to be taught by Tracey, but she had an accident and won’t be at the meeting. Virginia printed extra instructions. Virginia asked that any member needing help sit with another member to do project.

Meeting Minutes, September, 2010

President Virginia Woods


September 28, 2010 Meeting was started by President Virginia Wood. She had us go around table and introduce ourselves.
The NanC workshop was a success over the past weekend. Members can go to the website and see some of NanC’s work.
The Lincoln Bead Bazaar will be October 9th,  10am to 5 pm. It is in a different location this year. Cornhusker Plaza, 333 So. 13th.
The Kansas City Bead Renaissance is November 5, 6, & 7th.
Gail & Judy are working on the Diane Fitzgerald spring workshop.
Lisa has taken over the Treasurer’s position early, due to Christy boating accident. She announced that members can buy Judy Walker’s book (The Beaded Sphere) tonight for $26.00. The workshop with Judy will be August 20 & 21, 2011.
Saint Andrews Church where meetings are held will be available for the 2011 year. Members were reminder meeting are the same as the Omaha school district. If school is canceled so is meeting.
Tracey Wirthlin complimented Joni on the website. She enjoys the ease of using the website.
Julie Overbey would like to have a bead challenge next month with unused beads. Members are asked to go through their beads and put any beads they don’t want in a brown paper bag. Bring the bag to meeting and members will exchange bags. Then the following month make something from the beads and bring it to the next meeting. So get busy ladies and bring something for the swap!

Tracey Wirthlin will teach the October meeting. The project is a Texas Bump project. She will e-mail Joni before the meeting on what supplies to bring. So members use your website for questions.

Member Angie Emons has a brain tumor, and will be having surgery October 19th. Please keep her in your prayers.

Show N tell

September Project:  See Monthly Project for photo and details.

Respectably Submitted

Pam Elledge (Soon to be Bockmann!!!!)