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Meeting Minutes November 23, 2010

Beady Bunch Meeting Minutes for Nov 23, 2010

Congratulations Madame President!

The November meeting was called to order by Gail May with 11 members present.

Lisa Dryden gave the Treasurer’s report with our current balance. She will be making payments for the upcoming Judy Walker workshop, club business cards and to the church for our meeting room use for the year.

Beady Bunch cards were distributed to the members so they can hand them out to prospective members.

Old Business: Discussion was opened about promoting the spring Bead Bazaar, Gail has some flyers that can be posted in key locations. Denise offered to re work the flyer. Lisa has a list of media to contact for extra coverage of the event.

It was suggested that we add a “Current Events” tab on our web site to promote the event and include web site links to bazaar vendors as a way to enhance their exposure and make it more appealing to have a booth. It was suggested that we start in January with a PR committee.

New officer vote as follows:

President…..Chris Johnson

Vice President…..Julie Overby

Treasurer….Lisa Dryden

Secretary……Denise Stahl

Marilyn moved and Charlene seconded, all approved.

Approval of volunteer positions: Judy Citta Librarian and Joni Stinson Web site person.


We were reminded that our yearly dues of $18 are due in January, if not paid by February then they should be mailed to Lisa, with the check made out to The Beady Bunch.

January Meeting

For the January meeting members are to bring a snack to share and a UFO or the November beaded bead project if you need more help from Joan.

Project Challenge

Julie’s challenge project was put on hold until January since only 5 members brought their contribution. Chris suggested that we donate the finished projects to the Edna Perkins project.

Joan made a motion to offer an incentive for finishing the challenge such as gift certificates to the Papio Bead Store paid for by the club in the amount of $25,$15 & $10. The prize winners will be voted on by members. Lisa seconded the motion and it was approved.

Gail reminded us that it is Jim’s last night to bring his beads, so stock up everyone!

The meeting was adjourned, followed by show and tell and a lesson by Joan Duggan on a right angle weave beaded bead.

Submitted by:

Denise Stahl, Secretary





Beads In Poetry!


Beads are miraculous. Simply divine!
They mellow with age…like women and wine.
You can wear them, compare them, and simply declare them to be admonishously yours.
You can glue them, and sew them, string them, and hang them — anyway you can make them secure.
You can trade them, wrap them, physically trap them, snap them up quickly at sales.
They make wonderful gifts for the folks on your lists; whether bought or creatively yours.
It is best not to lose them, crush or abuse them, for beads have a soul and a heart.
And, as all beaders know, wherever they go, themselves and their beads seldom part.
Copyright 1985 by Pamela Pillsbury-Coca



“My Wife the Beadweaver”

My wife has found an art, she truly does enjoy,
It’s called Beadweaving and it really can annoy.
With all these beads and threads all over the place,
I know she is “addicted,” I can see it on her face.
She’s really dedicated to it, even making beads of clay,
Wow! Now she wants to go on a bead buying holiday.

Oh! for all her artistic effort, she’s certainly underpaid,
She even hoards her money, for beads that are custom-made.

All her other crafts, are carefully packed away elsewhere,
Now there’s a sign on the studio door, “Beadweaver at Work, BEWARE”.

She “beadweaves” with migraines and PMS, I know that she’s not able,
She keeps “beadweaving” with her head upon the table!

This month she’s designing a new pattern, much to her delight,
Now she planing another creation, until she gets it right.

The addiction to this art can be a distraction.
Since my wife can beadweave, I don’t get much action!

Here’s to her tedious undertaking and this art called “Beadweaving,”
I’d be happy if we could be alone, just once again this evening.

Did You Know


Lisa Dryden received this information from the 5Z’s store in Lincoln.



You know how to do the Peyote Stitch BUT the pattern you want to make in Brick Stitch. What do you do then?
You know how to do the Herringbone Stitch BUT the pattern you want to do is
Square Stitch OR Loom Stitch. What do you do then?
For a Brick Stitch pattern, all you have to do is turn it on its side and work
it in Peyote Stitch! The same holds true if you like doing Brick Stitch and you
have a Peyote Stitch pattern. Turn it on its side and work it in Brick Stitch.

For a Square Stitch/Loom Stitch pattern, you can work it in the Herringbone
Stitch as long as there are an even number of beads in the base rose. (There is
a way of working an odd number of beads in the base row: either eliminate one
bead OR add a bead between the two beads added in each Herringbone Stitch!)

Lisa Dryden

November, 2010 Challenge And Monthly Project

Mystery Bags

We all have some of “those” beads – the focal bead that you fell in love with but can’t figure out what to do with, or the beads left over from a finished piece that you can’t bring yourself to throw out but you know you won’t use – ever.

This challenge is about seeing “those” beads through the eyes of someone else. For this challenge, in November please bring a bead or group of beads in a small brown paper bag.
The beads do not need to be expensive or extensive but should enable the person that selects your bag to create a project.
Everyone that brings a bag will select (without seeing the contents or knowing who brought it) a bag and make something with the contents by using the contents and adding beads from their own personal stash. Then the participants will bring the finished project to the January meeting. Since we don’t have a project in January it is a great opportunity to share the project and perhaps tell everyone what inspired you.

Bead on!


The Beady Bunch Project for the November meeting will be presented by Joan Duggan.   It is a Beaded Bead, done with a right angle weave.

Supplies are:

size 11 beads 

regular bead kit

Joan will supply the forms that are needed.

Hope To See You There!