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Supplies For The Judy Walker Workshop

Just received a request to post this on our website for all to view:

Materials List for Triple Tassel:  (Did not locate photo on Judy Walker’s Website)

You will need:

● Cylinder beads in your choice of colors. See color suggestions below.

● Optional – Accents for fringe ends if desired – total of 32 small accents or crystals (about the size of 4mm bicones or smaller (or use contrasting cylinder beads – peacock colored sample uses gold cylinder beads for accent)

● 18mm round point back rivoli crystal – no hole is needed. If there is a hole, it won’t show. (needed for finishing, not needed during class time)

● 4 large soldered jump rings – about 7 mm, or other decorative rings (needed for finishing, not needed during class time)

● Clasp and regular jump rings, about 5 mm (needed for finishing, not needed during class time)

● Needles (suggest size 12) and beading thread (suggest Nymo B or D, or use your favorite thread, but nothing heavier than Nymo D)

Students also need to bring: scissors, bead dish or surface, supplemental lighting if desired.

Color Suggestions Small quantities – about 3 grams of each, except for the strap color –

about 10 grams Peacock color: Delica 610 Purple (strap), 608 Royal Blue, 607 or 1208 Aqua, 688 Green, 31 Gold,

also a few grams of any color cylinder (this won’t show).

Rainbow Color – Delica 602 Red, 601 Orange, 145 Yellow, 46 Green, 608 Blue, 610 Purple (strap),

also a few grams of any color cylinder (this won’t show).

Your choice of colors: Use four or more colors that graduate from one shade to another. Your best choice will be opaque or silver-lined colors, don’t use transparent colors.

I will have rainbow and peacock complete kits, as well specific materials such as soldered jump rings, rivoli crystals, clasps, etc.

Price of the complete kit is $30, price of the individual components to be determined at a later date.

Students do not need to reserve materials kits in advance, although it would help me to know approximately how many to make.

Materials List for Bargello Hearts Necklace:

To See Necklace, Go To:

You will need:

● Six colors of cylinder beads: (Students may use their own color combinations, but six colors are absolutely necessary. Students should choose four shades that range from dark to light, plus black and gold or silver. Strong colors, opaque or silverlined are suggested, not transparent colors. The following colors are the ones used in the sample:) Delica 610 Purple – 7.5 grams (Darkest) Delica 608 Blue – 7 grams (Medium Dark) Delica 607 Aqua – 6 grams (Medium Light) Delica 688 Green – 7 grams (Lightest) Delica 10 Black – 7.5 grams Delica 32 Hex Gold – 7 grams

● Four Toggle clasps (only the loop half of each clasp is used) (needed for finishing, not needed during class time)

● Two S-hook clasps (needed for finishing, not needed during class time)

● 5mm jump rings (needed for finishing, not needed during class time)

● 10 mm. faceted onyx accent bead (needed for finishing, not needed during class time)

● Fifteen Teardrop (Magatama) beads or other small accent beads (needed for finishing, not needed during class time)

● Two donut beads or other spacer beads (needed for finishing, not needed during class time)

● Metal bar such as small knitting needle for making tassel, about 6 inches long, about 1/8 inch in diameter ● Nymo B thread – or use favorite beading thread, not thicker than Nymo B

● Needles Students also need to bring: scissors, bead dish or surface, supplemental lighting if desired.

I will have complete kits for the same color as the sample, as well specific materials such as soldered jump rings, clasps, accent beads, donut beads, metal bars etc.

Price of the complete kit is $50. Judy, please let me know in advance.

May 24, 2011 Project

Safety Pin Bracelet Samples
Our project for May 24, 2011 will be the Safety Pin bracelet or Safety Necklace.

Julie Overby and Lisa Dryden will be our instructors. Julie says, ” I went thru the ones I made and heres’ what I used:

Choker Necklace – I made 2 different ones – I used 1 ½” safety pins. On one I counted 127 safety pins, the other one I used 150 pins. Obviously the number of safety pins used will depend on whether you put beads between Sample Safety Pin Necklaceeach safety pin (I didn’t that’s why I used so many safety pins) and the sized of your neck and how loose/tight you want it to fit.

Bracelets – I have different ones and they all vary

One I used 15 ¾” safety pins this one I had larger beads between each pin and ON the pins I used size 8 seed beads

One I used 22 1 ½” safety pins

The other two bracelets I used 1” safety pins – one had 26 safety pins, the other I used 22 safety pins

SO you can see there is a wide variety in what I did and used.

I spoke with Lynette (hope I spelled your name correctly) from Beads Etc. and here is what she has:

1000 1 ½” safety pins

400 approx. 1” (or 1 1/8”) safety pins

She will bring these to our meeting and would ask for $1.00 for your purchase (I apologize we didn’t discuss if this would be for bracelet or necklace SO maybe a little more if you need LOTS for a necklace). Please email ME not Lynette with what you need so I can keep track of if she has enough or if people will have to go out and get their own.

SO you will need beads to put ON the safety pins (not every pin needs to have beads on it) and then IF you want beads between the pins. SO bring your bead stash! The would be a GREAT project to use up the odd beads you have.

The bracelets I used stretchy cord (I know that’s not the actual name for it) to string – you COULD put it on wire but you would need crimps and clasp. For the necklace (I made mine MANY years ago before I would have considered myself a beader) I just strung mine with colored elastic cord and tied a clasp on!

I will bring all my samples for you to see on Tuesday. Looking forward to seeing everyone Tuesday!

The 5th Annual Edna Perkins Project

5th Annual Edna Perkins Project
When Edna Perkins made a donation of her bead stash to our members in 2007, little did she dream that a project would stem from her genorosity that is now in its 5th year!

Edna, a long time member of the Beady Bunch, had generously donated beads from her growing “stash”.  We determined that something very special should be done with the beads to honor Edna and all that she had done for the Omaha Beady Bunch.

The Edna Perkins Project was born.

This Project has been on going ever since.

Last year, we determined that since Edna is a Veteran of the United States Navy, we would honor Veterans.

It was agreed to again this year since many of our hospitalized Veterans do not have an opportunity to shop for gifts to give to their mothers, wives, and/or significant others. The wonderful jewelry was delivered to the Volunteer Services Department of the Omaha Veterans Administration Hospital for distribution just in time for Mother’s Day gifting.

As in previous years, Joni Stinson, the unelected keeper of the beads, brought the growing stash of donated beads to the February meeting. Members selected the beads that they wished to use. The only rule is that at least part of the beaded piece is made from the donated beads.

Participating members delivered their finished pieces to the April meeting.   This year, the finished pieces went through several hands prior to their being gifted at the VA Hospital.  Pam collected them at the meeting and got them to Joni Stinson.
Joni  arranged and photographed the work.

Then she delivered them to Marilyn Robinson, Treasurer of the Council Bluffs, Iowa Inter-tribal VFW Women’s Auxillary.  Marilyn had graciously offered to present them to the VA Volunteer Services for distribution on behalf of the Omaha Beady Bunch.   

Happy Mother’s Day All!



Thanks to Edna Perkins, all of the Beady Bunch members who contributed to the success of our 5th annual Edna Perkins Project and to all of our Veterans, past and present, for their services to our great country. God Bless You and the USA!