Monthly Archives: May 2012

Important Date Changes

Our illustrious President, Chris Johnson, has asked that you be alerted to some important date changes for our organization.

She spoke with Kathy, St. Andrews secretary, regarding our “bead gathering” voted in at our last meeting. Kathy indicated that we can start having a bead gathering on the 2nd Thursday of every month.

While having this conversation Chris learned that there is a need to change for our usual 4th Tuesday meeting in June. Our regular meeting will be on Thursday the 14th of June instead of Tuesday the 26th. The church is having a youth conference and will need all available rooms.

July 12th, Thursday, and July 24th, Tuesday are alright to hold our meetings/get together.

On August the 9th, (Thursday) the “Gathering” will be held upstairs in the church.

On August 28th, Tuesday is in the area we always have our meetings.

Mark your calendars. If you have questions, contact Chris.


Supplies for May 2012 Meeting

Hello everyone,

Poor Silki has a computer virus and can’t get on line right now. She gave me the supply list for May.

 A bezel (can be any size)
 A picture sized to fit inside the bezel
 If you want a bead or other small object(s) to encase with the picture
 Each person who makes a piece should plan on giving Silki $2.00 for the resin.

See you soon,