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August 2012 Supply List For Project

Beaded Crochet

Size 11 Beads

Top Stitch for Jeans

Size 11 Crochet Hook

Capri Sun Straw

String size 11 beads using a big eyed beading needle 36 inches for a small bracelet, 37” for a medium size or 38” for a large bracelet.  Do not cut your thread as crocheting takes up a lot of thread.

A stripe can be made if when stringing, use 2a, 1b, 2c, 1b and repeat.  Any combination of 6 beads repeated makes a stripe.  Solid or mixed colors can be strung in a bead spinner.

Gutermann top stitch thread (Jo Ann Fabrics) comes in a variety of colors.  At O.K. Sewing (72nd and Pacific) you can get Mettler cordonnet, or Jeans stitch in a wide variety of colors.  Your color can match your beads or contrast.  The thread will show a little between the beads.

Use a size 11 crochet hook.  Size 10 or 12 will do, but 11 is the best choice.

Larger beads strung on a thicker thread, or drops can be crocheted but size 11 is easiest to do.  Larger beads and thread will require a larger hook.

Patterns can be strung and crocheted.  Make sure you do not make any errors in stringing as it is frustrating to have to end your thread, make corrections, and restart.

I hope you enjoy bead crocheting as much as I have.

Charlene Weyand 402-397-2691

Tube Crochet Beads

  1. Make a slipknot on the hook.
  2. Make six chain stitches each with one bead.
  3. Insert the hook into the first beaded chain, then slide the bead over to the far side of the hook.
  4. Slide a bead down the thread so it sits directly on top of the bead you just moved to the far side of the hook.  The thread should come from the right side of the bead you just moved to the far side of the hook.  When the bead is properly positioned, wrap the thread over the hook.
  5. You now have two loops on the hook and the thread is wrapped around the hook.  Pull the thread through the first loop.  You will have two loops on the hook when this step is complete.
  6. Pull the first loop through the second loop.  This completes the stitch.
  7. Repeat steps 4-7 until you have six completed stitches.  This completes the first round of six.  Flatten the work; from above you should already see six spokes of thread each with a bead.  Seen from the side the beads well show the beginning stages of a spiral pattern as the tube lengthens.
  8. Every few rounds, check the tube to be sure there are six beads around the spokes when you flatten the top.  If you see less or more than six, pull out the work until there are six.  Be careful not to pull a bead through your loop.  If this happens, push the bead back out again or pull out stitches until the work looks correct.
  9. Finishing:  Make sure your pattern end and beginning match.  Leave a tail and cut the thread leaving a foot of thread.  Place the end thread tail on a needle.  Align the end and start of the tube.

10. Run the needle through the thread path show. The dark blue dots indicate the thread that holds each bead in place on the tube.  The thread must follow this specific path for the joint to appear seamless.

11. Draw the ends close together and take out the slack in the thread.  The beads of the end round will shift into the horizontal position and appear to be attached to the beads of the beginning round.  Run your thread through the fibers and not through the bead holes.  Run the thread through the center of the tube and cut it off.

See Beaded Crochet Designs by Ann Benson or other crochet books for more details and ideas.

July 2012 Meeting Minutes

Beady Bunch Meeting Minutes July 24th, 2012

The meeting was called to order with 14 members and 3 guests present. Lisa gave the Treasurer’s report.

Business: Chris discussed the UFO night we had earlier this month, and it was agreed by those who attended, that we had a good turn out and it was very fun. The next UFO night will be Aug 9th in the upstairs room of the church. The entrance is on the northwest side of the church, in case you haven’t been there before. Our regular August 28th meeting will be at our usual location in the basement.

Joan brought up a discussion about having a local artisan that she knows to teach a class instead of bringing in a national teacher. ( I will omit her name here until Joan has had a chance to talk with her.) Joan will find out all the details and report back at another meeting.

Charlene will be teaching Bead Crochet at the Sept meeting. A supply list will be posted on the website prior to the meeting, so stay tuned!

We had a lot of Show and Tell items to share. The heat must be keeping everyone inside so they can work on their UFO’s! Mary taught a St Petersburg stitch necklace. It was a very fun project and Mary did a great job teaching everyone. Thanks Mary!

Submitted by:

Denise Stahl, Secretary

June 2012 Meeting Minutes

Beady Bunch Meeting Minutes June 2012

The meeting was called to order with 6 members present. Lisa gave the Treasurer’s report.

Old Business: Lisa reported the information from Julie about having Charlene from 5z’s in Lincoln teach her Paisley doily class. It was decided to table the discussion until a meeting where there are more members present.

Mary brought up the discussion of having a daytime beading group at her house. Her sign up sheet indicated that everyone had a different day in mind, so she tabled the idea for now.

Barb offered to teach the “Serendipity” necklace as a project for Feb 2013.

We had show and tell and Joan taught the dimensional beaded cabochon project. Thanks Joan!

Submitted by:

Denise Stahl, Secretary