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October 2012 Project Update

As you know I will be presenting Shoulder Duster Earrings at our meeting on Tuesday.  The photos and supply list have already been posted here.  However, I thought perhaps I would do something for those who do not wear earrings.

Here is what I came up with:

The technique is the same as for the earrings.  If you elect to do the bracelet, here is what you need.

#3 Bugle Beads in 3 colors  (I used green, crystal, and aqua)

#11 Black seed beads

#11 Crystal seed beads

#11 Blue AB seed beads

1 #6 seed bead (for beaded bead fastener) or clasp of your choosing



See you Tuesday.


September 25, 2012 Meeting Minutes

September 2012 Project Presented By Gail MaySeptember Project:  Presented By Gail May

Beady Bunch Meeting Minutes Sept 25, 2012

The meeting was called to order with 17 members present.

The Treasurer’s Report was given. All bills have been paid for the year.

Joan is working on getting a local artisan to teach a workshop in the spring. She hopes to have an update by the next meeting.

Joan also passed out discount flyers for the Lincoln Bead Bazaar, which will be held on Oct 13th from 9 AM to 4 PM. It is a new location this year, at the 27th St Conference Center, 3901 N 27th St. Vendor list is available at

Officer nominations will be held at the October meeting, so be thinking of someone you might want to nominate, or a position that you would like to hold for the coming year. Lisa as agreed to continue as Treasurer. Voting will be done in November.

Joni reported that Rita Jackman has donated her stash of beading books and magazines to the Beady Bunch library. Our thanks go out to Rita for her generous donation!

Chris reported that the daytime beading group has been very successful. Charlene will be hosting on Oct 4th and 18th. Hours will be 10 AM to 3 PM. Call Charlene if you need her address.

Joni will be teaching next months project which will be Brick stitch shoulder duster earrings. Supply list will be emailed out soon.  (Webmaster Note:  Supplies needed are available on the website now)

We had Show and Tell followed by a Mystery project taught by Gail. It was super fun guessing what it could be, and even more fun to make. Thanks Gail!

2013 is approaching quickly and we will be planning our monthly projects for the year. So, bring ideas and suggestions of what you would like to learn or something that is just plain fun. February and March are covered, but we need more volunteers for the following months.

Submitted by:
Denise Stahl, Secretary

September Show and Tell Items Created By Members

October 2012 Project and Supply List

Our project for this month will be presented by Joni Stinson.  The objectives are:

1.  Learn or refresh knowledge of brick stitch

2.  Learn to do 2 and/or 3 bead brick stitch

3.  To combine bugle and seed beads

4.  To learn or refresh fringe making skills.

Here are possibilities or feel free to create your own choice of colors:

Project A:

Earring A
Project A

Supplies Needed:

Black # 3 Bugle Beads (Twisted or Plain)

Light Blue # 3 Bugle Beads (Twisted)

Green # 3 Bugle Beads

Red 30 mm Bugle Beads

Crystal #11 Seed Beads

2.3 mm Silver Beads

Fire Line for top

Nymo or other thread for Fringe

Ear wires

Project B:

Project B

This is similar but reduces the length and has fewer colors of bugles.  Colors can be selected from your stash or beads available at your bead store.  The center is done in 2-3 drop brick stitch instead of bugles as in Project A

Black #3 Bugle Beads (Could be green for Christmas)

Red # 3 Bugle Beads

Ice Blue # 11 Seed Beads  (Or color of your choosing)

Crystal # 11 Seed Beads

2.3 mm Silver beads

Fire Line


Ear wires

Project C

Project C

Supplies Needed

White # 3 Bugle Beads

Ice Blue #3 Twisted Bugle Beads

Crystal # 11 Seed Beads

2.3 mm Silver Beads

Fire Line


Ear Wires

Project D:

Project D

Sam as Project C except uses 30 mm White Bugle Beads

Project E

Project E

Supplies Needed

Garnet or Amethyst Colored #11 Seed Beads or Cut Charlottes

Pink # 11 Seed Beads

Crystal # 11 Seed Beads

Amethyst 30 mm Seed Beads

2.4 mm Silver beads

Fire Line


Ear wires

Finding 30 mm bugle beads in Omaha is a problem.    I will bring a selection from my personal stash and you can get enough for the project for $1.00 at the meeting.

I have 30 mm Bugle Beads available in the colors needed in these examples plus:




Opague White

Light Blue

Opague Red

Montana Blue (sort of Sapphire)

The seed beads I used in these earrings came from IBM

The #3 bugle beads and the 2.4 mm silver beads came from Hobby Lobby.

E-mail me if you have questions.