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October, 2012 Meeting Minutes

Beady Bunch October 23rd, 2012 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order with 17 members present. Lisa gave the Treasurer’s report and said that everything is paid up to the end of the year.

Officer nominations were held and the results are as follows:
President-Chris Johnson
Vise President- Mary Hunter
Treasurer- Lisa Dryden
Secretary- Denise Stahl
Librarian- unknown
Webmaster- Joni Stinson

Julie suggested that we have a back up person to learn the website details in the event that Joni would be unable to maintain it. Mary Hunter volunteered to meet with Joni.

There was discussion regarding having our library housed in a spot in the church basement. Gail volunteered to contact the church to see if they would be open to that idea.

Julie reported on Joan’s research of having a local artisan to teach a spring workshop. Gail mentioned a second possible teacher. Discussion was tabled pending obtaining photos of each of the projects offered.

Joni will post details of the “Rings and Things” show on our website.

Show and Tell was followed by a Brick Stitch earring project by Joni. It was very fun, thanks Joni!

Submitted by:
Denise Stahl, Secretary