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Meeting Minutes: February 26, 2013

Beady Bunch Minutes Feb 26, 2013

The meeting was called to order with 17 members present. Lisa gave the Treasurer’s report, and collected several unpaid dues and class fees for the upcoming workshop.

Discussion of the March 2nd Mary Goddard workshop. Details foregone as the workshop will be done before this posting.

Bead Bazaar will be held on April 13th. Joan passed around a sign-up sheet for volunteers to help at the event. Discussion was held regarding the admission fee. It was suggested that the fee be raised to $5 next year. Joan said she would take the suggestion to the committee. A reminder to eat lunch when you are at the bazaar to help cover the minimum cost of the catering fee. Joan will also forward a PDF flyer to the members so that they can post it to their facebook page to help get the word out. Lisa will post the event on Craig’s list. Discussion of other means of advertising.

Edna Perkins project donations are due at the April meeting, so get your items finished up and ready to go! Joni brought the supply of beads for everyone to choose from. Also, remember to take some beads and bring some beads to keep the stash going!

Chris brought up the idea for a summer bead retreat over a weekend, maybe at Mahoney. We could make it a potluck with wine to be included of course. The suggestion brought favorable responses, so details to follow.

Discussion of raising dues to $20 per year starting in 2014. Mary made the motion, Joni seconded, motion carried.

Discussion of having a bead embroidery “Name Tag” project as the June project. Beginning in September everyone will start wearing their name tag, and if they forget then they put a quarter in a pot. At the end of a specified time the funds will go toward a new book for the library. Everyone agreed that it was a good idea.

Julie reported on the Charlene from Lincoln class. Possible dates are Sept 7th or 14th. Most members thought the  7th would be the best option. The workshop will be the beaded doily or something cool from 5Z’s display at the Bead Bazaar. She will confirm date with Charlene.

Mary reported that she has started a membership book and passed around the rough draft for everyone to make correction or additions. She will pass it around again next month.

We had Show and Tell followed by a necklace project by Barb. Thanks Barb! Next month’s project will be paper bead earrings taught by Chris. Chris brought samples to show and she will bring the supplies to make them at the next meeting. Looks like a lot of fun!

Submitted by:
Denise Stahl, Secretary