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April 23, 2013 Project: Beaded Flowers

The April Project will beaded flowers with leaves.  You can choose the color of flowers you would like to make. 

Supplies and Tools  Needed For April Project.

  • Green floral stem wrap tape
  • 26 gauge paddle wire
  • Size 11 seed beads…2 colors….1 for flower, 1 for stems and leaves
  • Wire cutters
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Regular scissors

Prior to meeting, string 60 inches of flower beads onto the paddle wire.  Then string 40 inches of the leaf/stem beads.  Do not cut wire.  Wrap it back onto the spool and clasp.


Bring your extra beads….you may need more or you may need to take some off of the wire.

Hope to see you on April 23rd!


March 26, 2013 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order with 16 members present. 

Lisa gave the Treasurer’s report. 
Discussion was held regarding ways to advertise the upcoming Bead Bazaar. 

  • Joanreported that the Bazaar committee has taken care of placing an ad in Omaha World Herald.
  • Flyers and a coupon will be emailed to the members so that they can post them totheir facebook page and spread the word.
  • Joni offered to set up a facebook page for Beady Bunch.
  • Chris is looking for the Beady Bunch banner to hang on the demo table. If anyone has it, please contact Chris.
Everyone please remember to bring some of our past projects to display at the demo table. You still have time to bring them to the UFO night on April 11th. Mary will take care of getting them back to you at a meeting. 

Joan also reported on the number of vendors that will be at the bazaar. 
Edna Perkins project: Deadline to bring your contributions is the April Meeting 
or UFO night. Joni will deliver them to the Vet’s hospital for Mother’s day. 
The April Project 
The April Project will be taught by Sheri. It will be a beaded mini rose. 
Supplies include: 
26 gauge paddle wire or if on a spool it’s 24 gauge wire. Paddle wire can be 
found in the floral department at craft stores. 

You will also need size 11 seed 
beads in the color of your rose and green for the leaves. 

Use your bead spinner and string 60” of rose color and 40” of green all in one piece and DO NOT CUT IT OFF OF THE SPOOL. 

Bring needle nose pliers, wire cutters and floral tape to finish off the stem. 

Show and Tell 
Show and Tell was followed by a paper bead project taught by Chris. So many 
options for a fun technique. I think we will be seeing many more paper beads in 
the coming months. Thanks Chris! 

Submitted by: 
Denise Stahl, Secretary