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Meeting Minutes: June 23, 2014

Beady Bunch Meeting Minutes July 23rd, 2013
Chris called the meeting to order with 12 members present. Lisa gave the Treasurer's report.
Old Business:
 The September 7th workshop with Charlene from 5z’s will be held from 1:00-5:00, but please plan to be at our usual meeting place by noon to get the room set up and everyone settled before class time. There are 7 people signed up for 14 spots and only  5 have paid. The cost is $25 per student, non refundable. Students must buy the instructors beads. 
Mary began a discussion on the proposed bylaw changes, then made a motion to table the discussion until Joni could be present to give her input. It was seconded and the motion carried.
Charlene reported on the Bead Bazaar committee. Joan also gave us information on the increase in the room rates, vendor fees, etc. The committee will meet to discuss further plans.
Mary reminded everyone that the Chris/Mary challenge and the name tag projects are both due in September. There are 12 people participating in the challenge. 
Mary reported on her idea of a bead retreat for the fall. She gave us location, rates and proposed dates. A signup sheet was sent around to the members to show their preference on dates. 
Mary passed around another signup sheet for setup and teardown for each meeting.
New Business:
Gail reported that the lost has been found. She brought the club banner, flyers and a table sign to be used at the Bazaar. Lisa volunteered to keep them at her house.
Jenny explained the project for August and passed out a supply list. We will be making Twisted Fringe Earrings. They look super cute and fun! She asked that we bring a started piece to the meeting. It should be a flat peyote strip 14 rows by 12 rows of size 11 seed beads in two colors. This piece should have 7 “teeth” beads on the long edge and 6 beads on the shorter straight side. Supply list will be posted on the website.
Show and Tell was followed by working on our name tag project. We shared snacks in honor of Gail who is leaving us to move to Wyoming to be closer to family. She promised to come back to visit us, so we are going to hold her to it. Gail, you have brought so much light and fun to our group. We will miss you very much! Good luck in your new phase of life!
Submitted by:
Denise Stahl, Secretary

Proposed By-Law Revisions

At our June meeting, the Board presented proposed to changes to our organizations by-laws.  Copies were distributed to the members who were in attendance at the meeting for review.

If you have mis-placed your copy or if you were not present at the June meeting, a copy is being posted here for your convenience.  Please review and be ready to discuss, revise/amend, and or accept these changes prior to the July meeting.  A vote will be taken at the July meeting.


Please review and be prepared to discuss at our next meeting.