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March 2014 Project and Update


OK for the project – I wanted to make it fun, easy and quick.   So we are going to use Memory Wire.   You can get it for necklaces (I’ve not done these so not sure how tight/choker-like they are), bracelets and rings.   If anyone wants to make a ring, I have plenty so will bring that along.   I think all the bead and jewelry stores carry this if you need to buy some – can use coupons depending on where you are getting it at.   Bring your stash of beads – hopefully Joni will be there and will bring her bag of beads for Edna Perkins – this is a GREAT way to use up those onesie/twosie beads you have and don’t know what to do with them.   Remember, DON’T use your good wire cutters to cut memory wire – it will ruin  them.   I just use a regular pliers that has a wire cutter on it (oops – might be from my Dad’s toolbox that “accidentally” got into my bead tools!).   I will bring it along and you are welcome to use it.   Seed beads will fit on memory wire.   IF you want to make a dangle for the ends, bring along some head pins.   But really any beads will work.


OK secondly, this is our last meeting before the Bead Bazaar.   We REALLY want to “beef up” our promotion to drive attendance.   Just to let you know – as of today – we have 11 paid members for our group which means – we have $340 in membership dues.   We pay the church $30 a month (not for Dec) – SO you can see that leaves us $10 a year – that doesn’t cover the website we have to pay for and other misc things – SO we really need to get numbers up so we make $$$ for our group on the Bazaar.


SO speaking of money – this is not a joke.    There is a company that does testing for medicine lids and packaging.    They have come to the meeting for the Lincoln group at least 2 times that I have gone.   They pay $5 a person for each person who tests for them.    Last night it took me less than 5 min – I had to unscrew and then screw back on the lids for 2 bottles.   The only info I had to provide for them was that I was female, my name and signature and then my birth date.   You have to be from 50-70 years old.    We had 11 people for the Lincoln group test last night and the group got a check for $55 on the spot.   They are coming to our meeting Tuesday night.   PLEASE PLEASE come to the meeting (especially if you are in this age group).    They will be there about 6:45 – I would like to see OUR group get a BIG FAT check also!   Bring your spouses, friends, neighbors – whomever you know that could give maybe 10 min of their time to help us make some $$   Just in case you are wondering, the name of the company is National Child Resistant Testing Inc.    I called a few min. ago just to confirm they are coming.    They NEED people to test so  lets help our group out and make some $$.   


One more thing – we would like to have samples (easy, medium and difficult) that we can display at the Bead Bazaar.   If you would be willing to loan some things you have made, please bring them to the meeting.   See you all Tuesday – remember – bring mature/experienced people with you to test so we can get $$$


Omaha Bead Bazaar: April12, 2014


Join members of the Omaha Beady Bunch and The Nebraska Bead Society for this annual event!


Omaha Bead Bazaar Showcases 18 Vendors from Across the Midwest


Omaha, NE – Omaha Bead Bazaar takes place on Saturday, April 12th, 2014 at the Westside Community Center, 3534 S. 108th Grover St, Omaha, NE.  Eighteen vendors from across the Midwest will be displaying their goods for purchase.  Products available include; handmade lampwork beads, art beads, rustic iron charms and pendants, gemstones, seed beads and many others.


56% of households participated in one or more type of crafting activities in 2012*.  Making your own jewelry is a rising trend.  The Omaha Bead Bazaar will have everything for a new crafter that is just learning and the experienced crafter that is looking for unique pieces and new ideas.


The Omaha Bead Bazaar is an annual event that started over 10 years ago.  It is put on by the Omaha Beady Bunch and Lampworkers Guild, both of which are subsidiaries of the Nebraska Beading Society.

Several of the vendors design and make their own products; including artistic glass lampworked beads and pendants, intricate wire wrapped pendants and rustic iron charms and pendants.  More than half of the vendors have a retail store in cities such as; Des Moines and Kansas City, and they bring a large sampling of their product to Omaha.  You will find gemstone beads, seed beads and many other unique and fun products to use in jewelry making or other similar crafts.


Omaha Bead Bazaar admission is $3.00 at the door.  A dollar off coupon is available at where you can also find a complete listing of the vendors that will be at the show.


*Source: More Americans Turn to Crafting. Gifts & Decorative Accessories.  Sandow Media LLC., 25 Jul. 2013

Minutes For February, 2014 Meeting

 Last Years Edna Perkins Invitation to Veterans

The meeting was called to order with 10 members present. Lisa gave the Treasurer’s report and noted that she has paid the lodging deposit for the fall retreat.
Old Business: Bead Bazaar committee report. Lisa brought up a discussion of alternative ideas for the bazaar. Since Char has taken a new job that requires her to travel most of the time, we will need to figure out ways to do marketing for the bazaar. Lisa offered to contact Char to get some ideas of how to proceed. Joan clarified some things regarding working with the Lincoln group. Lisa, Diane and Joan will be on the steering committee to meet with April of the Lincoln group to get things started. 
Edna Perkins Project. Chris reminded  the members that they are to bring their completed items no later than the April meeting. 
2014 dues are due now. $20 per year. Give or send your check to Lisa if you haven’t paid yet.
Fall Bead Retreat: Sept. 19, 20 & 21. The cost is $34/night for two nights and $39 for one night. 
New Business: Lisa will teach the March project. We will be using memory wire, either ring size or bracelet size. This is a good project to use up your miscellaneous beads or left overs. So, check your stash and be ready to have some fun with a quick and easy project.
Show & Tell was followed by a beaded ring project taught by Joni. Thanks Joni!
Submitted by:
Denise Stahl, Secretary