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Supplies For April 28, 2015 Meeting

4 or 6 mm beads, crystals, stones (whichever they would like)
wire cutter
round or needle nose pliers

Laurie is putting together a small kit with the bobbins and head pins in it (gold and silver)
I will also have various color of mica powders available and paint brushes to apply
I will also supply the clay in a huge variety of colors
There will be 2 ovens available to cure them in which only takes about 15 mins.

March 25, 2015 Meeting Minutes


Beady Bunch meeting minutes 3/25/15
Sheri opened the meeting at 7:10
Chris reported that the balance in the check book was $1393.85.
Bead Affair – only 2 ½ weeks away
​Coupons, flyers, volunteer list – passed around
​Please sign up for classes, volunteer time will be worked around the class times.
​4 new vendors

Speaker in September
​Motion to pay for her expenses of $350 a day and airline ticket.
​Coming to retreat so lodging and meals will be less.
​If more rooms are needed for classes, there would be a rent cost.
​Voting took place on which classes are to be taught.

Motion that classes would be $25 non refundable, Laurie seconded the motion, checks to made out to Beady Bunch.
Drawing for door prize (for lack of another name), winner was Sheri – she will provide the prize for next month. She also is not allowed to win again until March 2016.

Show and tell.
Cindy handed out project sheets and all got to work.
Project for next month is bobbin beads, you can bring 4 or 6 mm beads, Laurie will have kits for $1 each.


Respectfully Submitted By

Mary Wheeldon, Secretary