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Meeting Minutes: November 22, 2016



IMG_3341Beady Bunch Meeting Notes


Sorry for the late notes, I am recovering from the retail superbowl that is Black Friday, and the timeliness of this report was forgotten.
There were nine ladies present at this meeting. This being the week of Thanksgiving, the low attendance was quite understandable.
Lisa started with a Treasurers report. The issue that was brought to the groups’ attention was whether the group would be receiving a percentage from the Amy Katz Trunk Show from the weekend beading class with her. Cindy will to get in touch with Amy regarding the issue, she will report at the next meeting with any pertinent information.
This led us to the next topic of conversation: the Amy Katz class. The group loved her, she was a very nice and helpful instructor, and extremely personable. I do not mean to call out Eileen, but she was the least experienced at the type of beadwork incorporated into the class projects but whenever she needed help, Amy was tremendously helpful and encouraging. We also discussed the venue; the clubhouse for the Wycliff apartments was a nice place to have such a class, with plenty of seating and a full kitchen at our disposal. A couple of drawbacks to the venue are the poor lighting and the small room, which would not be able to accommodate too many more students than what we had.
Voting for the board offices was also on the agenda for the night. Voting was unanimous by all present.
These are the members of the board for the next two years:
President – Sheri Walters (2nd term)
Vice President – Christine Johnson (2nd term)
Treasurer – Lisa Dryden
Web Master – Joni Stinson
Secretary – Laurie McKeever
Librarian – Cindy Smith

The monthly Bead exchange winner was Lisa D. and being the prolific beader that she is, she will have something cool to give away to the winner at the next meeting!
There is a reminder for Bead it Forward participants, this year’s theme is fantasy and there are many patterns to choose from at Also, check out the guidelines as to the size these should be. Finished patterns are due in February after which time they will be mailed collectively.

Omaha Bead Affair Report
Chris is asking for help from all members; we are looking for more vendors for the show. If anyone can think of, or knows of a vendor that might want to attend the show, please have them get in touch with Chris J. or Lisa D. Also, if anyone in the group would like to have an artist table for the weekend or knows of an artist that would like the opportunity, contact the ladies mentioned previously.

There were 6 Thank You cards awaiting our arrival at the church which were sent by the participants of Casting for Recovery. Our work is greatly appreciated. Pictures of the cards are shown along with the jewelry from tonight’s Show and Tell.
Group member Gail form Wyoming was visiting family in town this week, so she showed up to the meeting! It was great to see her!
We ask that members please attend the January meeting/ Holiday Party. Our group has grown in the past year and we would like to take a group photo for the website. For those that have never attended our January party, it’s not much of a meeting but a gathering of friends. Please bring a side dish or treat to share with the group. We also have a gift exchange but this is not mandatory participation. Please limit the gifts to approximately $10 (+ or -) and it can loosely be anything that is crafter related. Past ideas include, bead supplies, finished projects, chocolate, wine, gift cards; anything “helpful” in a beaders pursuit of happy beading!

Happy New Years From Our President!

Hello Beady Bunch!

img_1190Welcome to 2017! I hope you all had a festive and safe holiday season.

I wanted to send reminder’s for January events.
Thursday, January 5th – UFO beading at International Bead Market from 6-9 pm.
Thursday, January 12th – UFO beading at Papio Creek Beads from 6-9 pm.

Tuesday, January 24th – Our first Beady meeting of the new year, 7 pm.
This meeting will not follow our normal format. It is our holiday party. Please bring a snack/treat to share.
We will also be having our White Elephant gift exchange. Your gift should be a beading supply, not valued over $10. Beading supply is a very “loose” definition, as we have had wine and chocolate included in this gift exchange in the past. Traditional bead supplies are always welcome, but don’t stress over your gifting choice too much.*:) happy
Please wrap your gift, or place in a gift bag so that the contents are concealed nicely. I am going to give you a web address with information about White Elephant gift exchanges. We have followed the basic rules, with the variation of 3 swaps for the gift, and it is out. I hope everyone can come to the party!

Official White Elephant Gift Exchange Rules