Meeting Minutes For November 27, 2012

Bunch Meeting Minutes November 27th, 2012
> The meeting was called to order with 17 members present. Lisa gave the
> Treasurer’s report. Christy made a motion to give the church custodian a
> monetary gift for Christmas. Seconded by Barb and the motion carried.
> Election of officers was held. The 2013 officers will be as follows:
> President Chris Johnson, Vice President Mary Hunter, Treasurer Lisa Dryden,
> Secretary Denise Stahl, the Librarians  will  be Cheri and Cindy, and Joni
> Stinson will remain as the web person with Mary Hunter as a back up.
> Discussion of workshops for 2013 was held. Potential projects, fees and
> dates were presented by Joan. Christy made the motion that we have Mary
> Goddard on March 2nd. Mary seconded it and the motion carried. Gail will
> check to make sure that the church is available for that date. We started a
> signup sheet for those who want to take the classes. The final fee will be
> determined by how many people take the classes.
> Since we don’t have a meeting in December, we decided to not have the UFO
> night either.
> Denise reminded the group that in April we voted to get a gift certificate
> at bead’s etc to be used in a drawing for all of those who taught a monthly
> project in 2012. We will have the drawing at the January party/meeting.
> Lisa will buy the certificate. Don’t forget to bring a snack to share in
> January.
> We had Show and Tell followed by a very fun and quick snowman earring
> project led by Eileen. Thanks Eileen!
> Submitted by:
> Denise Stahl, Secretary*