Minutes of Meeting May 28, 2013

Beady Bunch Meeting Minutes May 28th, 2013

The meeting was called to order with 15 members present.

Lisa gave the Treasurer’s report.


Chris announced that the July UFO night will be canceled due to the church needing the space for another event.

New Business:

Membership Booklets:

Mary Hunter passed out the Membership booklets & Bylaws and reported that the Bylaws are quite outdated and need to be revised. Joni made a motion that the officers review and revise them and report the changes to the members. It was seconded and the vote passed.

September Workshop

Julie Overby reported that Charlene from Lincoln would like the doily class on Sept 7th to start a 1 pm and said that it will likely last for 4 hours. The class fee will be $25 not including beads. The fee is non refundable. Julie passed around a signup sheet for the class.

June Project and Supplies Needed:

Mary Hunter explained the June/July beaded nametag project.

The first night will be spent designing your nametag.

Please bring: paper, pencil, ruler, eraser & tape. She will provide graph paper for peyote and brick stitch.

If you choose to do bead embroidery, you will need to bring Stiff Stuff or heavy felt.

The finished project will be due in September when all members will be required to wear them or put a quarter in the treasury fund.


Mary Hunter presented the Chris & Mary Challenge. Mary will provide the bead packs and Chris will provide the prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. You pick a bag of beads and can do any type of beaded project using all of the beads. You can add more of your own if you wish. The finished projects will be due at the September meeting or you will owe $5 to the treasury if you don’t complete it.

Show and Tell was followed by a short earwire class by Charlene P and a Twin bead bracelet by Charlene W. Both were interesting and fun. Thanks gals!

Submitted by: Denise Stahl, Secretary