2016: 10th Annual Edna Perkins Project

10 Years Of Tribute


Ten Years of Tribute

For ten years, the Omaha Beady Bunch has donated handmade jewelry on Mother’s Day to honor people in our Community and our esteemed friend, Edna Perkins. This jewelry making is a year round project for our talented members.

Friday we invited the Veterans who are patients at the Omaha Veteran’s Administration Hospital to accept a rose and a piece of jewelry for them to gift someone they love.

In 2006, when Edna Perkins decided she was no longer going to bead, she made a donation of her bead stash to our members. Little did she dream that a major project would stem from her generosity and live on and on!

Edna, a long time member of the Omaha Beady Bunch, had generously donated beads from her growing “stash”. We determined that something very special should be done with the beads to honor Edna and all that she had done for the Omaha Beady Bunch. The Edna Perkins Project was born. This Project has been on going ever since.

We determined that since Edna is a Veteran of the United States Navy, we would honor Veterans. Many of our hospitalized Veterans do not have an opportunity to shop for gifts to give to their mothers, wives, and/or significant others for Mother’s Day. The Omaha Beady Bunch agreed to donate the jewelry made by the members from Edna’s stash of beads to hospitalized veterans so they could gift others on Mother’s Day.

As in previous years, Joni Stinson, the un-elected keeper of the beads, brought the growing stash of donated beads (now contributed to by other members as well) to the February meeting. Members select the beads that they wish to use or use beads from their own stash.

Joni Stinson arranges and photographs the work. She then delivers them to Marilyn Robinson, Treasurer of the Council Bluffs, Iowa Inter-tribal VFW Women’s Auxiliary. Marilyn has once again graciously offered to present them to the VA Volunteer Services for distribution on behalf of the Omaha Beady Bunch.
Dear Veterans,
Members of the Omaha Beady Bunch wish to express our gratitude for your service to our country. Please accept a rose and a piece of handmade jewelry to give to someone you love on Mother’s Day.

God Bless You and the USA!