2008 Edna Perkins Project

Edna Perkin's Project Close UpThe Edna Perkins Project
Edna Perkins was a long time member of the Omaha Beady Bunch.
  • The Omaha Beady Bunch is an organization of persons interested in beads and beading techniques. They share designs, teach one another techniques, and celebrate beading one evening each month. No member has been more sharing with ideas, materials, motivation, and opinions than Edna.

Every member has an ever growing “stash” of vials, strands, and sacks of beads and interesting embellishments. Last year and again this year, Edna donated some of her “stash” to members of the group. The Officers of the group made the determination that something special should be done with the beads. With that thought in mind, the “Edna Perkins Project” was developed.

  • This years beads were assembled and distributed to members who want to participate in the Second Annual Edna Perkins Project at the February meeting. Each member was challenged to design and create at least one very special bracelet, necklace, and/or earrings. The designer is required to use at least one of the donated beads. However, they may add beads and findings from their own stash as they choose. The bracelets were to completed and brought to the April meeting. There were no other rules.
The completed bracelets will be donated to Women’s Shelter of the Catholic Charities. According to their Donations Chairman, the Shelter provides services to an average of 10-15 women and their children each month. These women come from environments of extreme abuse. The average length of stay for the clients is two weeks to one month.
  • Members of the Beady Bunch are so very lucky. They have the time and means to create beautiful beaded items and they have the support of their families and one another.
The Second Annual Edna Perkins Project will challenge the members to design and create a lasting, and perhaps inspirational, gift for a woman who is not so fortunate in time for Mother‘s Day.
Beadwork by the Omaha Beady Bunch
Beadwork by the Omaha Beady Bunch

Thank You Edna for all that you so willingly share!