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Minutes of May 24, 2011 Meeting


Minutes of May 24, 2011 Meeting
The meeting was called to order by President Chris Johnson.
The minutes from the last meeting were approved. 
Treasurers Report:  Lisa had no current balance because the bank statement hadn’t been sent yet.  She had added $30-50 in the account from new memberships.  From the Bead Bazaar we got $970.54.  If you have need of the account balance.  Please contact Lisa.
Discussion regarding the national teachers.  August 20 & 21, 2011 will be Judy Walker – Triple Tassel and Bargello Hearts Necklace.  On November 12 & 13, 2011 the national teacher is Diane Fitzgerald.  The projects will be Moorish tiles on Saturday and Ginko on Sunday.
Joni advised us that the finish donated Edna Perkins project was delivered and distributed to VA hospital.  The people were thrilled.
The monthly projects were switched between the May and June projects.  Christy will be doing the watch project in June.
Joan will bring our fused glass next month.
For the July and August, Viking Weave bracelets kits will be available for $7 plus tax.  In June let them know if you want a kit.  For the bracelet you will need to use 24 gauge artistic wire.  Julie will make a list of what we need.
The meeting was adjourned followed by Show and Tell and a safety pin project taught by Lisa.

Minutes of Meeting: January 25, 2011

The Mystery Is Solved! Our Member Gail May Made This

Beady Bunch Meeting Minutes for Jan 25th, 2011

The meeting was called to order by President Chris Johnson with 12 members present. The November minutes were approved.

Old Business: Discussion of the April 9th Bead Bazaar. Joan asked for volunteers to help with promotion of the event. Lisa offered her list of media contacts.

Judy Citta gave her report on possible national instructors for this year’s workshops. Judy Walker will teach the weekend of Aug 20th and 21st. Judy C. will email out the projects for us to choose from.

Judy mentioned Diane Fitzgerald as a possible teacher for spring classes and read a list of her fees. Lisa made the motion to hire Diane as the spring class instructor. Julie seconded it and the motion carried. Suggested dates are April 2nd and 3rd, or April 30th and 31st, 2011. Judy will confirm dates with Diane and send out pictures of class offerings.

Chris reminded us to be working on pieces for the Edna Perkins project for May. Bring your pieces to the April meeting so they can be delivered to recipient in May.


Bead Bazaar: Joan Duggan Chair, Lisa will help with contacts.

National Teachers: Judy Citta Chair, Gail will assist. Julie will help with contracts.

Monthly projects:

February Denise will teach beaded earrings. Instructions on website.

March Barb will teach peyote necklace

April Joan, fused glass

May Christy, beaded watches with interchangeable bracelets

June Lisa, safety pin jewelry

July Julie and Lisa, Viking knit

New Business: Virginia reported that there is a new bead store opening on Febr 5th in Fremont called “One of a Kind”.

Judy Citta announced that she and her husband will be moving to South Dakota very soon. We will miss you greatly Judy! Good luck in your new home…and don’t forget that you invited us to come and visit!

The meeting was closed and followed by show and tell.

Submitted by,

Denise Stahl Secretary

Meeting Minutes: August, 2010

President Virginia Woods called the meeting to order.
Lisa showed a watch that had been left at a meeting a few months ago.   She will bring again as no one claimed it.  If it is your watch, contact Lisa, or come to our next meeting.
A motion was made and seconded that since we have lots of money, we should have 2 out of town instructors next year  (2011) – one more in spring and another towards fall.   A vote was taken and passed.  
Projected Fall Workshop
Judy Citta presented info she had obtained from Judy Walker and she will be the guest instructor  for next fall (she is out of country and very busy during spring).   Judy will contract Judy Walker and see if she is available any of the 4 weekends in August.  
We would do 2 classes – pictures were shown and people put their names on the backs of their 2 favorite projects.   Anyone who hasn’t voted in August will have a chance in Sept.   
Decision on the 2 projects will be decided based on votes at Sept. meeting.     
Judy Walker charges $300.00 per day – most instructors charge more like $500.00 per day.   Group is responsible for Judy’s airfare – we will ask her to make her own reservations as that’s easier than trying to have someone make them for her.  
Judy Walker doesn’t have a contract but the group felt we needed one so Julie Overbey volunteered to put one together based on the one we have for Nancy Meinhardt.     
Since Judy Walker and Judy Citta are friends, Judy Citta offered to have Judy Walker stay at her house.   Group agreed that was OK.  A motion was made, 2nd’d and passed that group would pay for Judy Citta to entertain Judy Walker while she is here in town.  
Judy Walker will make her book (The Beaded Sphere) available to group members for $26.00 – regular price is $36.00.    
Checks need to be given to Treasurer (Christy) by the September meeting as order will be placed following the Sept. meeting.   Please make arrangements to get your check to Christy if you won’t be at the Sept. meeting as this will be the only time to take advantage of this special price.    
Judy Citta will find out whether Judy Walker requires that we buy our supplies from her and also ask her if she will be bringing any kits for other projects that she offers. 
We have 11 of the 12 spots for each of the 2 classes Nancy Meinhardt is teaching in Sept. filled.   The group decided we weren’t going to open up any more spots beyond 12 – that way we can all get the attention we need/want.  Class will be 9-4 each day.   We will order Jimmy Johns to be delivered for lunch.   The class is at the Ramada Inn (NOT the Holiday Inn) at 72nd and Grover Sept. 25th and 26th.
Use of Committees
Lisa suggested that because we have added several new members and the group has gotten bigger, when we have items (ex. out of town instructors) that we have a committee handle all the details so we don’t waste time with so much discussion and time taken away from doing our projects during Tuesday night meeting time.    Group agreed.    
VP Responsibilities
Lisa also reminded group that the VP is responsible for securing the projects/instructors for monthly meetings and we need to not take time away from meeting for working on this.  
Nominating Committee Report
Joni told results of nominating committee’s meeting.   List of candidates for officers for 2011-2012 term are:   Pres – Chris Johnson, VP – Julie Overbey, Treasurer – Lisa Dryden, Secretary – Denise Stahl
If there is anyone else who would like to be considered for an office, please let Joni know.    Vote will be at October meeting.
Treasurer’s Report
The treasurer presented the Treasurer’s Report.  Anyone with need of the information regarding financials for the organization should contact the treasurer.
Discussion Topic
Denise asked for input from the group on what places people used for shopping online.   Responses were:
Fire Mountain – good for bulk and has $5.00 shipping
Shipwreck – big supply
INM – good for crystals and only charges $6.00 shipping
Ecclectica – good for just about anything – especially hard to find items
IJS (Indian Jewelry Supply) – good for sterling silver
Rio Grande
(Webmaster Note: Links for these suppliers have been added to this site under “Featured Suppliers).
Show and Tell
We had show and tell.  Items will be added to the Gallery of Members work.  The Show and Tell item of our new member, Jennifer Kaspar, was selected to feature in this post. 
September Meeting
The group asked Diane Miller-Grulke to be our instructor for Sept. meeting with her Lightening Bolt Peyote stitched earrings.  A separate post contains the supplies you will need to bring to the meeting.
Hope I caught it all – it was a good meeting with lots of “stuff” to record.
Submitted By Lisa Dryden
(Acting Secretary in the Absence of the Secretary)
Beaded By Jennifer Kaspar, New Member

September 2010 Project


September Project

Lightening Bolts Pendant and Earrings

Supply List 

  • One tube of delica seed beads any color
  • Crystals to match for dangles – 3-4Mm
  • Basic bead supplies –
  • needle size 12 (small enough to fit though delicas) 
  • thread or 4lb test Berkleys crystal fireline.

Greetings from Diane Miller-Grulke

2010 Nominating Committee Report

Left: Presidential Nominee Chris Johnson Right: Out Going Treasurer Christy McAndrews

Nominating Committee Report

The Nominating Committe was made of Joni Stinson, Chair, Lisa Dryden, and Julie Overby.  The Nominating Committee met on August 11, 2010 to prepare a selected slate of officers for the coming Beady Bunch year. The slate of officers suggested by the Nominating Committee is as follows:

President Chris Johnson

Vice President Julie Overby

Treasurer Lisa Dryden

Secretary Denise Stahl

This slate will be presented at our August meeting. Please know that nominations will also be accepted from the membership at large at the meeting should there be those who would like to nominate others. In the event that no other members are nominated from the floor, a motion will be made to elect this slate by unanimous consent.

Submitted by

Joni Stinson

Chairman of Nominating Committee

Middle: Lisa Dryden, Nominee For Treasury.

New Members At Work On Project


Minutes of April 2010 Meeting

Featured Artist:  Julie Oberby

April 27, 2010

President Virginia greeted all and welcomed the seven visitors.
Christy gave the treasurer’s report. The club received a sizeable check from the Nebraska Bead Society.  This was our portion of the profit from the bead bazaar. The club bank balance was reported.  Should you have need of the exact figure, contact our treasurer.

Old Business:
Everyone was happy with the Bead bazaar this year. It was a better show than last years. Charlene Weyland suggested the club have an easy demo project. This year it was a Dutch spiral, and Charlene heard people saying it was too hard to understand. Next year we will have simple demo for beginners.

Members brought their bead projects for the Edna Perkins Project. There were many nice jewelry offerings. Silki took pictures for Joni to put on the website. In Joni’s absence, Lisa took the gifts and will get them to Joni to distribute before Mother’s Day. Thanks to all who contributed.

Virginia reminded members about the workshop in September with Nancy Meinhardt. New members can go to our website and see the two projects the club picked to do. Discussion was started over the cost and how much members will pay. Secretary Pam asked to table the discussion until she could look up back minutes.

New Business:
Denise Stahl suggested the club have a discussion time that would help other members solve problems or have questions of seasoned beaders. Denise made a motion that the club has an open format discussion, up to 10 minutes long, after the business meeting, seconded by Gale. Motion carried.

Judy Citta will be doing the monthly project next month on wire wrap and findings. Judy will send out an e-mail tomorrow on tools and items needed for the class.

Show and tell was presented.

Respectably Submitted,
Pam Elledge Secetary

Minutes Of Meeting February 23, 2010


February 23, 2010

We welcomed two new members that came to the meeting Char and Silki.

TREASURERS REPORT: Christy reminded members that dues for 2010 are due. She paid the church and man that unlocks for us.  She reported the total balance of our account.  Should you need this information, please contact Christy. 

OLD BUSINESS: The Bead Bazaar will be April 10, 2010, at the Westside Community Center. Joan needs people to sign up to be workers. This is the clubs biggest money maker for the club. Help will be appreciated. We will set up an information booth for the Beady Bunch Club.

Rings and Things will be at the Holiday Inn Central, March 22nd.

“The Edna Perkins Project” was reported on by Joni. A motion was made by Barb to give the jewelry made for the project to the V.A. and Catholic Charities. Seconded by Lisa, motion was carried. Joni will bring beads for the project next month. Joni reminded members to check out the web site about “product of the month.”

NEW BUSINESS: Lisa shared her new project. She is having Gold Parties. She comes to people houses and buys their old and broke jewelry and pays people so much an ounce for it. She handed out business cards.

List of future club meeting projects:

March: Circular square stitch-Chris Johnson

April: Dutch Spiral-Joan Duggan

May: Wire Wrap findings-Judy Citta

June: Flag Bag-Lisa Dryden

July: Wire wrap part 2- Judy Citta

Show and Tell was held.

Respectably Submitted

Pam Elledge Secretary

October 27, 2009 Meeting Minutes


October 27, 2009

President Virginia would like to make an amendment to last month’s minutes. The minutes read “Gail May volunteered to find housing for Nancy after the first of the year.” Amended to read “Gail May volunteered to find a meeting room for the Nancy Meinhardt class, after the first of the year.”

Treasurer Report: Christy read her last report.  Should you have need of the current balance, please contact Christy. 

The Bead Bazaar will be held April 10, 2009. Joan will keep us informed as time goes on.

Library: Barb would like all teachers to give her a copy of the monthly projects they teach. She will make a booklet of all the projects to have in the library.

Joni put out a numbered paper with pictures of the Nancy Meinhardt classes. Members were to vote on two of their favorites. Next month the numbers will be tallied

The club discussed future monthly projects they were interested in.

The January meeting will be our Christmas party.

February Gail will show us how to make shrink plastic name tags.

Member discussed the Bead & Button bus trip to Milwaukee. It was decided to leave on Thursday and return home on late Saturday. Barb volunteered to find some housing and bus prices.

Lisa showed us her November Christmas ornament project. Members were sent instructions via e-mail. Lisa handed out extra copies to anyone needing them.

President asked members if they would be interested in taking another Charlene Zweerink (5 Z’s in Lincoln) class. After much discussion it was decided, Virginia will contact Charlene and get a list of classes she could teach in the spring.

Joan Duggan did our class on Color Theory. It was very well presented and we all learned a lot. Thanks Joan.

Show and Tell was presented.  Item shown will be added in a different article.

Respectably submitted,

Pam Elledge, Sectetary


September 22, 2009 Meeting Minutes


September 22, 2009

Treasurers Report: Christy reported on our bank balance.  Specific amount can be obtained from the Treasurer if you have need of that information.

The President announced that Joan had contacted Nancy Meinhardt about workshops. We will have a couple of classes September 25th & 26th 2010. There will be two 1-day classes. The teacher would like to have 12 in the classes. She would go to 18 if needed, for $25 per person. Gail May volunteered to find housing for Nancy after the first of the year.  Joan printed seven project sheets that Nancy offered.  Please go to www.nancmeinhardt.com and pick two you would like to make. Write down the names and give them to Joan.

Here is a list with the names of the projects

1 Rapunzel

2 Dangles

3 Izzy & Lucy Bracelet

4 Nedebele lariat

5 Free form vertical netting

6 Deneen’s Necklace

7 Museum bracelet

Remember the Lincoln bead show is October 10th, 10a.m. To 5p.m. Joan passed out discount passes

Virginia is looking for someone to be a greeter at the meetings to welcome visitors and new members. If you are interested see the president.

Next month Joan Duggan will be doing her Color Theory. Lisa will be doing the November project.

Joni would like to have a “vendor of the month” feature on the website. So members be on the lookout for a vendor you have dealt with and would like to make vender of the month. This month Joni picked www.SoulofSomanya.org  Joni brought some beads for the site to show members.

Joan judged the bead challenge she had members complete. There were lots of wonderful projects. Pam Elledge got 1st, Chris Johnson got 2nd, and Denise Stahl 3rd. Congratulations to all.

Show and Tell was presented.

Respectfully Submitted by Pam Elledge, Secretary.


Meeting Minutes, May 26, 2009

Second Place Prize Winner:  Pam Elledge


May 26, 2009

Virginia opened the meeting at 7:00 P.M.

Christy gave the treasurer report.   Should you have need to know the balance in our account.  Please contact Christy.


Joni delivered the jewelry to Catholic Charities in behalf of our group. She said they were delighted. Joni goes above and beyond in her presentation of the items. Thanks Joni, for your work!

Lisa reported for Julie about the Rose project from 3 Z’s in Lincoln. There was discussion on exactly what would be taught. Lisa will get with Julie and report back next month. All remaining motions were tabled until next month.

Joan will bring us up to date on the national workshop with Diane Fitzgerald next month.


Library: Barb bought three new books on kumihimo. Members are encouraged to check out books from our library.

It was great to see Diane Miller-Grulke at the meeting. Snowbirds are returning!

Joni reread the statement from Fire Mountain about teaching from their projects. Members are allowed to teach any and all of Fire Mountain items.

Joni reminded the members about how we had a projected project list in the past. She suggested members sign up to take a month to teach a project. As a result the list is as follows:

1)      June- Virginia- 4th of July bracelet

2)      July- Barb- Indian Corn

3)      August- Sue- Potato chip bead

4)      September-Diane-Jeweled cards

5)      October-Joan- Color Theory

6)      November-Lisa- To be announced


Thanks to all for volunteering.

·        June meeting Virginia will teach the peyote stitch flag tube;

·        Red White Blue delicas

·        Beads for spacers (any color small beads, stars, metal spacers)

·        Bead Kit (  beading wire, crimps, scissors)

·        Clasp for bracelet.

Members started the Show and Tell part of the meeting.

 Respectably Submitted,

 Pam Elledge- secretary